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Really Rude Shop Owners in Second Life.

mmorpgfactsmmorpgfacts Rochelle, NYPosts: 3Member

Hi I am just wondering if anyone has ever seen a shop owner in Second Life be this rude.

I made a new account and signed up for Second Life, and like only a few days old I visit a store to check it out, and I end up getting a very bad experience with a shop manager there, Then I login after contacting the owners of the store, and letting them know how rude they were, and I get this a bunch of threats sent to my account.

Has anyone in Second Life ever had an experience like this before espicially from a store which you go to shop at, and experience abuse like this.

I don't want to pull out any type of like false accusations here or anything, but from my experience there it seems like their admins are Woodbury residents in Second Life which Woodbury has previously been banned from Second Life 3 times, but they just talk act like it, and their profiles look like it.

So yeah me seeing this type of behavor in Second Life makes me think of why people can't enjoy this game anymore.

Please feel free to share similar experiences here & stuff, or complaints.



  • AchillezAchillez Spokane, WAPosts: 105Member Uncommon

    Well, judging by the names in the convo, I'm aware of the place you speak of. So, I find it kind of funny actually that you take offense to showing up in one of the most trolled places in the entire game and then get offended by it.

    I also know that those reactions don't come out of the blue and it seems like you were banned because someone crashed the sim and you were only a day or so old, thus it seemed likely that you were the culprit. I also notice that it seems as though you edit out the things that you say in them to make the people in it sound even worse than they are.

    And lastly, its their sim. If they want to ban you for any reason they can possibly think of, they can. Get over it. :)


    (PS: I've been banned from plenty of places for lesser things that those logs so its just part of SL. Deal.)

  • mmorpgfactsmmorpgfacts Rochelle, NYPosts: 3Member

    Well The simulator wasn't even lagging, nor was I lagging, and my guild mates are the ones  who told me about the store, and that they really sold some nice stuff there.

    I honestly just think that the Owner/Creator of these items should just get rid of these people as being Admins, or Moderators of their store, I have no idea how they could have became such anyways.

    Either way I checked three of their profiles of those people who sent me an I'M, and for some reason they all had similar profile pictures, although one changed it shortly after a guild mate posted on the SL Forums about it, and they could all be alts of each other, and maybe even part of a griefer community in Second Life from the way they act, and profiles are in SL.

    Either way I guess they just don't want money that bad I mean maybe that is why I see a lot of people making posts on certain sites about obtaining illegal buried hair for free, I mean I would rather do everything 100% legit by the books, but as of tonight I cancel my account with Second Life, I might go back to it later I honestly don't know yet.

    This is one stupid thing that my friends have seen in Second Life for a long time, the Owner who does nothing but create content for example creates Hairs, and doesn't have time to moderate the Simulator, and such, so instead he hires a person to do it for him which is fine, but when their moderators start to behave this way they should remove them, and their friends that have made the threats, but what is even worse is when a Owner of a store, or lands gives someone owner, or officer rights because they can be trusted, and then automatically hands another two or three people rights too simply because they are their friends, or partner in Second Life.

    Another example is lets say I run a RP sim, and I get married in Second Life to a person, and then give them admin rights over my group, and possibly even land right after or shortly after and they start to do things behind the back, or in general mess things up, this is what I don't understand why so many ignorant people in SL.

    But this is just me.

    This is what my guild member says creates a lot of issues in Second Life.

  • StrafingmirStrafingmir Ballwin, MOPosts: 24Member

    You have to look at this from a virtual property standpoint, if they didn't want you on their parcel they had every right to eject you.

  • RenoakuRenoaku Posts: 1,435Member Uncommon Second Link.

    True residents have the right to Eject, or Ban anyone with or without reason for any given reason, some argue that Racism is not allowed for example ban's because of a Persons Gender, or Race, but thats about the only debate on such I have seen which was posted on the Link Above.

    However this doesn't give (Willow Zero),  or (axill Jayaram ) any right to allow others to use  Foul Language, or Adult content in a (PG) Region, let alone their friends, alternate accounts,or Partners making threats towards a player in Second Life, as if there is an issue they should Help/Abuse report, and know that LL doesn't deal with incidents Outside Second Life & SL Forums, although they did make it Mature afterwards it still did occur in a PG sim.

    If they had an issue with this person, they have ever right to Eject,Ban & File an abuse report, but their threats to this player in game clearly shows that they break the SL TOS worse than ElaraX Resident, which they did nothing wrong other than vist a store to shop, or check it out, and were rudely treated wrong by Admin/Management.

    Although there was something Interesting I found out about (axill Jayaram).

    (axill Jayaram) is a member of a group called ( while is another virtual 3D Game, I have found that a large number of residents who Griefers come from this exact same group, Now I can't say that every resident who is a member of listed in their profile, or groups list is a known griefer, but (MDV Estates) In Second Life was caught supporting griefers in the past where griefing take place on their own Estates, They allowed the use of Spyware aka Red Zone on one of their Regions, and to make things worse one of the biggest things every creator hates their members were caught with Known Copybot Clan's from BloodLines, The Owner of these regions is a member of ( and has it listed in their profile, oh and they did ban an innocent, but this was done to cover up any illegal activities on their Simulators, more than likely XML Copying, but sooner or later will more than likely be removed like (Woodbury) was 3 times in Second Life, So was Rancor, and Digital Worlds from what I have been told and seen on every news article.

    (Juggalette Bates) who was over 1600 Days old, and had all their alternate accounts removed from Second Life after stealing from many content creators and giving many Buried Hairs to Teens in Second Life, their account was also a member of the group ( and had that group in their profile.

    I Reported all of this information to (Linden Lab), and all Anti Grief group owners I knew so that when they get an incident with anyone with this listing in their profile they can more less help better, and watch for known trolling, and griefers.

    I know that Second Life is a Unique MMORPG, or Simulation/Game, but abuse like this just shouldn't be allowed although it appears that Linden Lab doesn't care at times, nor do anything about it even when the abuse is posted on their own site, or abuse reported in world they simply remove the post and cover up any evidence or try to, as for me getting banned for buried for sharing my Opinion I could care less, because I am a legit shopper from that store, so are my friends, but the moment that they restrict us access to shop there, then I am sure we will all start wearing Stolen Hairs from that store, and I am sure they would rather have us legally buying everything, Just my two cents.

    I spoke to Matsui about this in game, and they said they would be on more to help monitor, and make sure that this type of conduct doesn't go on anymore, and I hope this helps.

  • jinxxed0jinxxed0 Posts: 841Member Uncommon

    80% of the people in SL are rude. They get into a clique like mentality. While there are plenty of level headed people (usually scripters and people that tend to have limited interactions with many people), most people are what I like to called "Bat Sh-T Crazy". I've had people come to my skybox where I build and threaten me saying that they want my head on a pike for using a certain name for one of my weapons, which they claimed was the name of their strip club (which doesn't exist anymore btw, lol).


    My first 2 or 3 years in SL when I didn't know any better and tried to network with other builders (artists tend to be prone to being crazy), threats and rudeness were something I dealt with a lot, mainly because people are so delusional and place a lot of importance on certain things. One guy actually believed I owed him X amount of money (in the hundreds, yes in real life USD money) because I comissioned him for a project and it took hime 3 days of "being sick" and doing nothing, and 15 minutes of determining that he couldn't do it. 


    But before this turns into a full on rant, I'll stop and say my advice for anyone playing SL, just mute the rude people and move on because it will drive you mad trying to figure out people's way of thinking

  • MeerieBellaMeerieBella 96846, HIPosts: 28Member

    People like to play with the "right to ban" issue on second-life.

    Anyone can ban anyone for any-reason yadda yadda etc. However what the OP experienced was down-right rude and childish of the admins. Conduct is remembered, and customers do remember how they are treated.

    I would say it is bad business for them but if it's a troll spot take it as a grain of salt. As for the woodburry part, judging from your paste-bin there seems to be no indication of that anywhere. I'm surprisd you even knew about woodburry at all being a new-user to Second-Life.

    Trolls and rude-folk come in all shapes, forms, and sizes. It looked like you were being trolled by 12-year olds to be honest.


  • MeerieBellaMeerieBella 96846, HIPosts: 28Member




    Anti-Griefing groups do not solve problems on Second-Life and unfortunately can cause more problems in the process than what their worth. As easy as it is do not use these groups as a "get-back revenge" because it can backfire in ugly ways.

    The best route to go is to directly go to Linden-Labs. File a report. If you know certain groups are causing mischeft than just kick them off your land.

    Just relax. Your on Second-Life.

  • kabal.yerokabal.yero San Pablo CityPosts: 29Member

    never happens to me because I never buy fro in-world shops... I always do my shopping in the official marketplace... less, drama...

  • TaiyohTaiyoh EnschedePosts: 48Member Uncommon

    There are countless of shop owners in SL. It's crazy really. Not every one of them will be as professional as the other. As for your experience? I would call it bad luck. There are tons of shop owners out there who'll have a better attitude as long you remain civil. Then again, the main purpose I log into SL for is for the Roleplaying Communities, so I haven't seen like 75% of SL either. I'm merely speaking from my own experience.

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