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RP Tools

jingfoxxjingfoxx Aurora, INPosts: 54Member

Alright, I have a simple question to ask the RP community here. If the game you currently playing, or used to play, or planning on playing were to offer features that would help make your RP experience better, what would those features be?

So far, I've thought of the ability to create in-game trade-able items that you could use to play a storyline. Much like the WoW add-on GryphonHeart Items.

The ability to write a biography, which you could add to. A description of your character, the ability to name your character pretty much anything. By anything, I mean you could come up with the amazing name of your character, and it seems to be super-perfect and then you type it in and someone already has it. Bummer.

An indicator that you can turn on and turn off to show people that you are currently role-playing. Kind of like an invitation to other RP'ers to come over and introduce themselves.

I'd like to hear some of your ideas.

Ignorance may be Bliss, but Knowledge is Power


  • legend55legend55 AntwerpenPosts: 155Member

    Let me think a bit, I would go for a ranking system(not all games have those).

    Futher I would alsgo go for mining and smithing to be huge part in the game.

    Next some pets in the games, played like 3 games with pets in it. And it is Be-a-utiful haha:D


    As for your in-game trading, I don't really get that? hasn't that been around for ages? Or do you mean something else with in-game trading?:D

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