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Forsaken World: Chains of Kluer Announced

DrewDrew Toronto, ONPosts: 434Member
Forsaken World has announced their latest content update, entitled "Chains of Kluer" as they reveal the update's teaser site. The update includes a new dungeon, in which characters of 70 levels can fight the monstrous Ogre Kluer himself, New Events, a level cap raise from 70 to 80 and more.

"With this latest Forsaken World update, players will have to go against one of Eyrda's most celebrated fallen heroes, Kluer. Tragically wiped of his memory, humanity and almost forgotten, Kluer is a violent shadow of his former self," said Clifton Chu, Product Manager for Forsaken World. "It will now be up to players to take down Kluer in one of the most heart wrenching stories that gives the game its name, Forsaken World, and as heroes, right the wrongs of Eyrda."

The Forsaken World 'Chains of Kluer' content update will include the following features:

Fight the legendary Kluer - Players level 70 and up can now battle against the legendary ogre, Kluer, in the new Forgotten Prison dungeon that resides beneath Freedom Harbor

Ever-changing world - New events including the revamped Eternal Faith, a Hunting Festival, and an advance pet catching dungeon

Build up your guild base - Guilds can now unlock level 3 for their guild bases, which includes higher construction buildings and lower maintenance costs

Train up - The character level cap is now raised from 70 to 80 and players can now master even more jobs as they train themselves to be the best fighter

A pet's journey - Free up your play time by having your pet help you do your daily quests and events

Faster kills with mounted combat - Take the fight to the next level with mounted combat as death comes swifter than ever in Eyrda

Check out the Chains of Kluer Teaser Site.


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