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Archeage Background lore gets published this Saturday in Korea

genkidashitegenkidashite SeoulPosts: 41Member (in korean. use google translator) (about the signing event in korean)


The fantasy novel written by Jeon Min Hee used in AA for its world setting and main storyline will be published on 23rd, July 2011. The title of this book is 'Fir Tree and Hawk'. Its rumored this book will only cover Cyprosa Daeior's story. I think the novels that cover the stories of other heroes will be published as well in the future.

Lol Im excited. Too bad I cant be at the official release day signing event. I am moving that day T_T


  • AtanosAtanos topoliniaPosts: 20Member

    Any news about an english edition of that?

  • FossilzFossilz mansfield, MAPosts: 13Member

    Originally posted by Atanos

    Any news about an english edition of that?

    I second this.

  • WizardryWizardry Ontario, CanadaPosts: 11,930Member Epic

    I am happy to hear there is a legit written story this game wil lfollow use as it's LORE.I really feel a heck of a lot better about Asian developers than i did only a few years ago,things are getting better.

    I am not expecting a super great game,but if they can deliver me a "DECENT" product ,i will be more than happy.I have not seen any BS from these guys like telling me about how they have the best artist in the world or they are going to change questing forever,i just feel comfortable about this game.

    This game almost reminds me of when i first discovered FFXI,no hype,no bs videos or advertising,no devs telling me how they're going to change gaming forever.There is only one bummer about this game ,and that is it is imo based on pvp,i am not big on pvp at all ,i prefer a pve teamwork based mmorpg.

    Never forget 3 mile Island and never trust a government official or company spokesman.

  • KumaponKumapon Posts: 895Member Uncommon

    Yea i like the fact that they don't hype their game, even though they got  Min-Hee Jeon , who is one of the best Asain Fantasy writers of her generation and is now the lead lore writer of Arche Age.


    The book is called The Fir and the Hawk 

    In the book, Min-Hee Jeon spins stories set roughly 2000 years in the past, fleshing out details of ArcheAge’s ancient lore, including the reasons behind the schism between the Nuian and Harihari tribes. The book is meant to be a supplement to the lore included inside ArcheAge itself, helping to explain bits and pieces that wouldn’t normally be known. In this sense the book was written for fans of the game, but anyone can pick up the book and enjoy it even without playing ArcheAge itself.


    If you have an account with XL games you got this book for free, or you can order the book on (Aladin is basically the korean version of Amazon).

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