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Warhammer 40k - Kill Team

Vortex5ooVortex5oo a small town inPosts: 106Member

(This game is only released for Xbox360 so far, soon to be released on PSN(seems like it is no plans to release on PC))


I bought "WH40K: Kill Team" on Xbox live for 800 microsoft points($9.99) yesterday and played with a buddy, the co-op mode with split screen, it was mighty fun!



The graphics are really good, almost like DoW2.  But the gameplay is very arcade, fast and fun. To be clear, this is more of a mini game they made before the release of "Space Marine"(you even unlock some kind of a power sword to use in "Space Marine" while playing Kill Team.). So don´t expect a full game with 60 hours of gameplay and deep main story. But for the money you sure get a lot of action and fun.


Took us only about 5 hours to beat the game(with a couple pauses for drinks and snacks and some bad luck and cruel deaths ingame), but the replayability value is pretty good with 4 classes and the upgrade system.


It´s pure Ork slaughter and space marine mayhem the whole game through! My buddy screamed all the Imperial battle crys there is and lost his voice. We recommend it!

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