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(new player) What would keep me playing this game

shenfreyshenfrey LeicesterPosts: 108Member Uncommon


is some form of quest helper mod? (Yes I am one of those players) I think this game is fun but it bores me that I have to read the quests to find out where to go, I have to spend time guessing what would work in the search menu and what to search for, I just wanna get staight to the action. I wanna get a quest, look on the map see a big cirlcle where the bad guys are and go do it and then not have to look for the quest giver, just look on my map see his location and go straight there. It will streamline the game for me, make it much more action packed and enjoyable for me so if you guys know of any mods out there that would grant this to me, plesae let me know.


Thank you : ) 


  • HedeonHedeon GraestedPosts: 987Member Uncommon

    first off there is a quest marker in the default ui now, it makes a blue area of where you d need to go on active quests, but there is also, think profit UI is still the most used I think, not 100% certain on that, but most if not all have links to quest guides, through the in game browser.

  • BogeBoge Orem, ORPosts: 182Member

    I just reached level 20 today and I only read up on one quests because I didn't know what to do or where to go.  Funny as it is, the quest description didn't help either.  It was in Halas.  I needed to find something to burn tents, but I didn't know where to look.  I checked the fires, but didn't look very closely since that's exactly what I needed, a plank from the fire.  I looked it up online.

    Still, one quest in 20 levels?  That's easy questing and I don't need anything more than what is already in the game.

  • ArdwulfArdwulf Columbus, OHPosts: 283Member Uncommon

    Yeah, most quests now have quest helpers built into the UI, quest NPCs show up on the minimap, etc.  Personally, I like having to read the quests, but I do look stuff up on EQ2i if I get stuck.

    As an added bonus, there's a full web browser built right into the game client (type /browser), and you can set the default home page as you like.  I have mine set to EQ2i in case I need to look stuff up, and I have a macro on my hotbar so I don't have to keep typing it in.

    Another helpful thing is that if you know the coordinates of where you need to go (the client supports cut and paste) you can type /way (coordinates) and you'll get a dot on your map and a little glowing trail to lead you there.  Too, remember that oine reason EQ2 doesn't have the arragy of UI mods available to, say, WoW, is that the EQ2 UI has a huge amount of customizability built right in.  With a keystroke or two you can set your UI to modify mode and move everything around, rescale stuff, add new hotbars, etc.

  • ArdwulfArdwulf Columbus, OHPosts: 283Member Uncommon

    Also, by all means start in the areas associated with New Halas or Gorowyn.  They are by far the best of the starting areas (though New Halas' is a bit bland-looking, I think,) and you can always relocate to any other city later if you want.  There's even a mechanic that lets you change your alignment, so you can set up shop in a city of the opposite faction from the one you started in - and the same betrayal mechanic lets you change your class to its twin as well, if you want.

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