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So new to GWs want to try it out, looking for a good guild

AadienAadien Roseville, CAPosts: 220Member Uncommon

I might be new to GWs, but i have other MMOs under my belt. FF11 for 5 years, WoW for 4 years, SWG 1 year, LoTRs 6 or so months. And tested and play a few more. I plan to play GW2 when it comes out. So im looking for a hardcore guild or maybe even a casual one if thats whats really around.


So if guilds are looking for new people. Please tell me what server to join





  • VikingGamerVikingGamer Nowhere, TXPosts: 1,348Member Uncommon

    There is only one server. Towns have multiple instance copies to deal with that.

    Precursor Legacy [HOPE] is recruiting. I just joined them. Good people. They are mainly focused on PvE and character development activies and the guild is planning to move to Guild Wars 2. For more info go to hope.guildlaunch .com

    Right now is a good time to get into GW if you have nothing better to do before the GW2 release. Going though the campaigns will give you alot of story and lore background that will make GW2 even richer.

    It exposes you to some of the design philosophies that will make GW2 so different like the limited number of skills you can enable at a time. While your total number of skills that can be choosen from keeps going up you can only have so many ready to use. This limits how much advantage the veteran player can have over the new comer making skill much more a factor.

    Also, if you own the Eye of the North expansion, the amount of things you have accomplished in GW will translate into certain rewards going into GW2 by way of the hall of monuments.

    Give yourself some time to get used to GW. It has a very different design philosophy. It will take time to get used to it but it is worth that time.

    All die, so die well.

  • lol0010lol0010 philly, PAPosts: 36Member

    Hey! Tyria Prophets is recruiting! We are friendly social guild, that is building a community to transfer on to gw2! we are small but have a Guild hall and a cape..We have a website and a vent server.Our guild is backed up by a gaming community too. Our members are friendly and helpful! In Game I go by San Lorus! If you want a friendly helpful guild hit me up! :)

  • AadienAadien Roseville, CAPosts: 220Member Uncommon

    Thanks guys, will be looking for you when i get it downloaded. I will have everything expect for the last one, but will be getting that by the end of this month. Im really looking forward to GW2s, but never really played GWs, so i want to get use to it

  • AadienAadien Roseville, CAPosts: 220Member Uncommon

    If there is only one server, and i guess diferent channels, how do i find you?

  • someforumguysomeforumguy HomePosts: 3,702Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by Aadien

    If there is only one server, and i guess diferent channels, how do i find you?

    The channels are called districts. When in town you can click on the district choser , which is at the top left of the screen. The american districts are usually the most busy.

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