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General: How to Write a Forum Post

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 22,963MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

One of the thing passionate gamers like to do is voice their opinions about the games they love. In today's Player Perspectives,'s Isabelle Parsley offers some sage advice about how to write a forum post that people might actually pay attention to. Check it out and see if you agree!

The Subject Line

This is vitally important if you want people to click though to your frothing rant carefully thought-out post. First off, you need to make sure you use caps, and as many exclamation marks as will fill out the subject line.  If it doesn’t say “URGENT! DEVS PLZ READ!” nobody will care, so do not forget those. Alternately you can keep it simple: “I quit!” or “This sux!” will also guarantee that your post will grab attention.

Read more of Isabelle Parsley's Player Perspectives: How to Write a Forum Post.



  • Short-StrawShort-Straw Berthoud, COPosts: 422Member

    U forgot 2 include 'dat the Eanglish Langwage needs to bee butthchered, an know proufreeding is alloud.


  • PinchfistPinchfist Norman, OKPosts: 40Member

    Funny article, no doubt.  Is it possible that the same cynicism necessary to write it is precisely what the author was lampooning?  It seemed that way to me.

  • KenFisherKenFisher Northwest, INPosts: 5,035Member Uncommon



    (clear, concise and brief response)  *grin*

    Ken Fisher - Semi retired old fart Network Administrator, now working in Network Security.  I don't Forum PVP.  If you feel I've attacked you, it was probably by accident.  When I don't understand, I ask.  Such is not intended as criticism.
  • MMO.MaverickMMO.Maverick WonderlandPosts: 7,619Member Common

    Lol, loved this one:


    Hilarious image

    The ACTUAL size of MMORPG worlds: a comparison list between MMO's

    The ease with which predictions are made on these forums:
    Fratman: "I'm saying Spring 2012 at the earliest [for TOR release]. Anyone still clinging to 2011 is deluding themself at this point."

  • maplestonemaplestone Ottawa, ONPosts: 3,099Member Uncommon

    And if it is an official forum, don't forget to suit up in the very latest in trollwear from the game's item shop to prove you are better than mere players.

  • brahmabull75brahmabull75 Hawthorne, NJPosts: 25Member

    Where can I buy one of those butt-shaped mice?

    Also remember, always take up as much of the screen as possible with giant wall-of-text quote blocks.

  • japojapo Sedona, AZPosts: 306Member



    Umm...wait....did I just....nevermind

  • YsharrosYsharros Albuquerque, NMPosts: 87Member

    Originally posted by Short-Straw

    U forgot 2 include 'dat the Eanglish Langwage needs to bee butthchered, an know proufreeding is alloud.


    I actually avoided it on purpose - I've got too many dyslexic friends to make assumptions when it comes to spelling now.


    Leetspeak, on the other hand... I did miss that! Doh! Don't get me started...

  • KyleranKyleran Paradise City, FLPosts: 23,962Member Epic

    OP forgot the number one method of increasing forum counts, the one line post.  image

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    "This is the most intelligent, well qualified and articulate response to a post I have ever seen on these forums. It's a shame most people here won't have the attention span to read past the second line." - Anon

  • HufflePuffHufflePuff HullPosts: 6Member

    Love it, great article :)

  • sacredfoolsacredfool Posts: 828Member Uncommon


    i think this is the most ridiculous yet given on this site which we can already is full of trolls and people who just hate mmos and you are just adding fiel to their flames i am not sure why anyone even allowed this article what if someone takes you serious and actually starts to post like you suggested i mean what were you thinking people here just troll twentyfourseven and dont actually play mmos so i don't see why would you put an effort to have more people post here and why would you want someone to post in such a stupid manner and the layout and pictures are stupid i think you treat the readrs on this site like idiots so why exactly would you post this???????!???????!?!?!?



    Originally posted by nethaniah Seriously Farmville? Yeah I think it's great. In a World where half our population is dying of hunger the more fortunate half is spending their time harvesting food that doesn't exist.
  • DarkPonyDarkPony RotterdamPosts: 5,566Member
  • spookydomspookydom BristolPosts: 1,782Member Uncommon

    This is the best article that has ever been posted on Laughed from start to just near the end when I realised I may have followed every single rule on ocasion. Great stuff! :)


  • darker70darker70 stokePosts: 804Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by MMO.Maverick

    Lol, loved this one:

    Hilarious image

    Ahhh cool,just getting into Magic again on the PC wonder if i can play this in my red deck image

  • GaurnGaurn Corpus Christi, TXPosts: 305Member

    From the looks of it, you can play the forum troll in any color deck. It has no casting cost! HUZZAH!

  • RohnRohn Saint Peters, MOPosts: 3,729Member Uncommon

    Great article!  So right, on so many levels.

    You did forget a couple of points, though.

    One being:  VOLUME, VOLUME, VOLUME!  The poster already knows his point to be unmitigated, undeniable fact, but posting the same thing over and over, in as many threads as possible, not only jacks up your own post count, but undeniably makes one's statement "moar true".

    Oh, and to let them know you're truly serious, always, and I do mean ALWAYS, state categorically that not only have you unsubbed, but that you've also UNINSTALLED!  There's no greater insult in the computer gaming world.  All who read it understand the seriousness of a game unworthy to soil the sanctity of one's harddrive.

    Great article, Isabelle!

    Hell hath no fury like an MMORPG player scorned.

  • Agnostic42Agnostic42 That place, Overthere, WAPosts: 405Member Uncommon

     No forum post is truly complete without at least one example of how the issue in question ruined your life and how you’ll be forever scarred by the uncaring malevolence of the developers.


    This is a real slap in the face!! How dare you kill/maim/berate my first born child! I don't think I'll ever recover from this...


    This article must have been a blast to write. Good read.

  • LawlmonsterLawlmonster Posts: 1,021Member Uncommon

    Sure, this was sorta funny, but wouldn't it have been neat to actually have a well thought out post from a professional writer regarding what they would expect (personally) from something to be considered a top notch post in this particular forum? I mean, that sounds kinda boring, but maybe some of it would be absorbed subconsciously.

    "This is life! We suffer and slave and expire. That's it!" -Bernard Black (Dylan Moran)

  • YsharrosYsharros Albuquerque, NMPosts: 87Member

    @ Lawlmonster - maybe I'll do that next week. That said, I'm pretty sure a genuine "how to write a forum post" column would be met with howls of derision and snores of boredom. Those who'd bother to read it probably already post well; the rest would just respond with tl;dr and move on.

    Oh, I am cynical. ;-)

  • dubyahitedubyahite Lincoln, NEPosts: 2,483Member Common
    Someones been reading's TOR forums a bit too much.

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  • TardcoreTardcore MinskPosts: 2,325Member



    "Gypsies, tramps, and thieves, we were called by the Admin of the site . . . "

  • KendaneKendane Las Cruces, NMPosts: 225Member Uncommon

    EIther the TOR forums here or on their offical site, more doomsayers there than there will be on the 20th of December next year.=p

  • senag2senag2 ThessalonikiPosts: 20Member Uncommon

    The force is strong with this one....


  • BTrayaLBTrayaL BucharestPosts: 624Member Uncommon


  • paroxysmparoxysm Nowhere, INPosts: 437Member

    Sure.  People do get out of line when posting.  But, I see a lot of problem with how they are also handled by the gaming company.  They should be staffing their forums with competent customer service people.  People that properly address and handle these posts in a consistant and professional manner.  People that know how to handle upset customers instead of just blowing them off because of how they posted.  No, there are limits to how you can and should post.  Posts that violate the forum rules should and need to be handles with a steady and even hand.  But, they need to be able to look past the emotion to the meat of the post and try to understand.  Not just blow off the customer or jump in with a "QQ" post of their own.  And, as I've said before, those forums are so volatile because of their uneven hand.  Why are people allowed to follow posts with endless streams of memes like "QQ"  and "UMADBRO"?  Posts that are just insults meant to devalue the original poster and spurr on more emotion?  The forums are volatile because they allow them to be. 


    You can't treat your customers like children and expect them to take the higher road.   The level of professionalism by most moderation staffing is at best horrible in mmorpgs.  They are the ones that should be setting a level playing field and upholding the standards.  Not cherry picking topics, ignoring people with issues, and allowing trolls and social bullys to run rampant.

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