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I really want to check this game out.

SacrificiallSacrificiall Home Town, TNPosts: 118Member

I'm a bit concerned though. I tried to Register at the site and keep getting a "Site Error".

I dunno, maybe that is good news because they are getting alot of traffic.

I just wish there was a try before you buy, Does anyone have a friend invite or buddy pass they can PM me?

I would really appreciate it.



  • MasterApolloMasterApollo SpitalPosts: 6Member

    Best bet is to post on the official forums, there's some players handing them out there. I personally haven't got mine from handing them to family otherwise I'd hook you up :)

  • SacrificiallSacrificiall Home Town, TNPosts: 118Member

    Yah, I think they need should have started with a demo or trial. This poor game is just off the radar.

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