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A Very Mediocre Game: Approach with caution

Cik_AsalinCik_Asalin SoCal, CAPosts: 3,033Member

Another review to take with a grain of salt, as all reviews should just be treated as bits of information to add to ones decision-making process.


This review is light, general, but to the point.  I share much of the sentiment within the review.


However, maybe the only thing I disagree with the review is the negative that “Gods & Heroes will give you little to no direction when accepting a quest.”  Perhaps that’s one of the gems within the 5.5 out of a 10-score; your not spoon-fed all the direction like a special-needs kids.  But that alone isn't nearly enough, and nor is the instanced Estate System which isn't mentioned, to creep this game beyond mediocre.


Eventhough Heatwave Interactive believes that this game warrents a $40 box and $10/month, in light of more accomplished AAA and Indie games out there that far surpass the amount of content and game-play provided in G&H, just approach this one with caution.



  • nerrollusnerrollus Guthrie, OKPosts: 214Member

    I don't trust any reviewer that says rouge instead of rogue.


    That thing had a lot of spell and grammar mistakes ...  They need a better editor.

  • BeermanglerBeermangler Cluj NapocaPosts: 402Member Uncommon

    I, for one, am very pleasantly surprised by the way the game improved following the latest update. 

    The animations are smoother, the world is populated with way more objects and entities, the casting mechanics are better.



    I started questing on a shore area, (can't remember names, I was in a hurry), the place was virtually uninhabited.

    When I logged in after about a week, there's a fort here, lots of NPCs around, lots of mobs to quench my thirst of slaying stuff, etc.


    I bought this game on a whim but so far seems like a good game for a person like me who does not have time to play 12 hours a day.

    Better to be crazy, provided you know what sane is...

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