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More Payment Methods Available Soon

ZinefriZinefri Grand Rapids, MIPosts: 34Member

No specific date given yet, but starting "at the end of July" FFXI Playonline accounts are moving over to the Square-Enix accounts system entirely online through web browsers. Here's all the info:


The important part is that after the accounts are streamlined into the same Square-Enix accounts system as FFXIV, they're opening up payments to using Crysta points and some other new payment methods besides verified Credit Cards. Here's the info page on Square-Enix Crysta points. They're basically just points you buy with money to buy anything from Square.


New payment services that can be used to pay for Crysta points are:



PlaySpan makes use of the widely sold UltimateGamerCard which, if I'm reading right, can be used to buy your Crysta points to pay for FFXI eventually. So this could be great for people who lack a verified credit card.

UltimateGamerCards are sold at many different locations such as Blockbuster, Speedways, and Wal Mart.

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