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SWG shutting down Dec. 15th

ZagavaVonnZagavaVonn Toronto, ONPosts: 300Member Uncommon

And so it ends....


Dear Star Wars Galaxies™ Community Member,

We write to you today to inform you that on December 15, 2011, Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) and LucasArts will end all services (MMO and Trading Card Game) for Star Wars Galaxies (SWG).  The shutdown of SWG is a very difficult decision, but SOE and LucasArts have mutually agreed that the end of 2011 is the appropriate time to end the game.

We are extremely grateful to all of the SWG fans.  We have had the rare opportunity to host one of the most dedicated and passionate online gaming communities and we truly appreciate the support we’ve received from each and every one of you over the course of the past eight years.

In recognition of your incredible loyalty, we are extending special Fan Appreciation offers to the current SWG community. We also plan to go out with a bang with a galaxy-ending in-game event in December and hope to see you all there. The details relating to these offers and events as well as the timeline and specifics regarding the discontinuation of the service, are provided below.

Again, we want to extend our heartfelt thanks to our player community for making SWG one of the best online communities in gaming history.


Sony Online Entertainment & LucasArts





  • ZagavaVonnZagavaVonn Toronto, ONPosts: 300Member Uncommon

    I guess not so much a bang, as a whimper....  image

  • JoarnajJoarnaj Elizabethton, TNPosts: 258Member

    Dang. And just as I was considering giving this a try. I guess the message here is that LucasArts has room for only one mmorpg in this world. They'll be shutting down just in time for everyone to run out and buy TOR. And I'll bet you $10 they believe that the entire SWG player base will do exactly that.

    I was pleasantly surprised when I went from Apprentice to full 5 star Elite in under 2 months. I was pleasantly surprised again when I went from Elite to just barely Hardcore in 2 weeks. Apprentice, here I come!

  • tikt4evertikt4ever San Jose, CAPosts: 16Member

    They simply realize they will lose their entire remaining player base to TOR.

    edit: gah Jor preempted my exact statement 17 seconds sooner.

  • ZinzanZinzan NorthPosts: 1,351Member Uncommon

    This has always been a talking point, would they let two SW mmo's run at the same time or would TOR be the end of SWG. I guess now we know.

    Doubt many will be bothered, SWG is the shining example of how to take a brilliant mmo, release it too early, break half the classes, reduce the game to profession grind and then piss off the entire community by completely changing the game into a watered-down version of itself at which time they reaped the biggest single exodus of gamers i think we'll ever see in an mmo.

    Expresso gave me a Hearthstone beta key.....I'm so happy :)

  • hcoelhohcoelho Rio de JaneiroPosts: 529Member

    now i'm fearing for Vanguard.


    RIP SWG, i never played it but i read very interesting things about it... i hope someday another company creates a game as great as SWG once was.

    (mod edit)

  • Harbinger1975Harbinger1975 Mechanicville, NYPosts: 234Member Uncommon

    This is one of those bittersweet moments.  A part of me is glad to see the abomination that is the NGE now crashing horribly to the ground.  And then again, the other part of me is sad to see the IP being shut down.  Has Sony Online Entertainment not learned from their mistakes?  Have they not learned that if it wasn't broke, they shouldn't have fixed it?  And I hope you get what I mean by that analogy.

    All I have to say is god bless and god speed Star Wars Galaxies.  May you find eternal peace after such a long time enduring your pain.


    "You where the Chosen One!  You were suppose to destroy the Sith, not join them!  You were suppose to bring balance to the Force!  Not leave it in darkness!" -Obi Wan Kenobi


  • GolelornGolelorn Hiding From Social Media Peeping Toms, ALPosts: 1,208Member Uncommon

    To anyone swho actually enjoys this game you have my condolences.

  • someforumguysomeforumguy HomePosts: 3,701Member Uncommon

    I guess SOE needs more fantasy MMO's in their portfolio. There is a real shortage of those, right? So of course they have to shutdown a sci-fi MMO. Variety in the MMO genre only confuses those silly customers.

    Makes me wonder if its Lucas Arts that is behind this.

  • JerYnkFanJerYnkFan Kenilworth, NJPosts: 339Member Uncommon

    It was fun while it last (Pre-NGE) as some of best memories from MMOs came from SWG, but goodbye and good riddance.

  • Bama1267Bama1267 Waterloo, NYPosts: 1,847Member Uncommon

    Nothing more than LA probably pushing all available players they can to help support TOR. SWG can rot ....

  • monarc333monarc333 New York, NYPosts: 622Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by kuhronusu

    now i'm fearing for Vanguard.
    RIP SWG, i never played it but i read very interesting things about it... i hope someday another company creates a game as great as SWG once was.
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    I fear for Vanguard also. Hopefully they have enough sense to see the profit in a FTP model or at least realize the love ppl have for it and sell it off.
  • zimmy910zimmy910 RotterdamPosts: 190Member Uncommon

    Kinda sad really, was just enjoying my 45 free days :(. Feels kinda pointless now. Hope the last few months will be free ?

  • kishekishe aitooPosts: 2,002Member Uncommon

    SWG was a sandbox, TOR is a wow-clone themepark.


    Not many SWG fans will like TOR

  • COOKERplCOOKERpl DublinPosts: 63Member

    And I'm only like half way throught leveling my Bounty Hunter!! Meh, I seriously like this game, don't want it to go away.

    And yes, I will run to store to pick up my copy of SWTOR on launch day.

    But look at this - and scroll down to server statistics. If sub is at 15 dollars, this game is generating around 1 million dollars a month still. PLUS trading card game, have no idea how much they are making on this. But I'm going to check this card game tomorrow, hope is good :) Anyway - Is this amount of money NOT enought to run a game this days ?????????

    How come games with 2 or 3 servers are still around ? WTF just happened anyway I just started playing lol :)

  • Bama1267Bama1267 Waterloo, NYPosts: 1,847Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by monarc333

    Originally posted by kuhronusu

    now i'm fearing for Vanguard.
    RIP SWG, i never played it but i read very interesting things about it... i hope someday another company creates a game as great as SWG once was.
    (mod edit)


    I fear for Vanguard also. Hopefully they have enough sense to see the profit in a FTP model or at least realize the love ppl have for it and sell it off.

     I wouldnt, it's probably LA pushing as many SW fans as possible to TOR and SONY probably loves gettign rid of what has become a perma black eye fpor them.

  • AndraaxxAndraaxx Ft Meade, MDPosts: 28Member Uncommon

    If they take away the price, I think most of the vets should come back for the end. A lot of us were there at the beginning and it would be nice to get together again and talk to some old friend who have not seen in the game since they made the change. It might not be our game that we paid for those many years ago, but it would be nice to get that old community together again, one last time.

  • GuileplayerGuileplayer NYC, NYPosts: 418Member

    yeah make the last 6 months free. So all the old players can come back to the game one last time to relive some of the memories before they say goodbye to SWG one last time.

    Currently Playing: SSFIV AE, SFxTekken, SWTOR, WoW. Waiting for: GW2, Resident Evil 6.

  • hyllstarterhyllstarter ukiah, CAPosts: 203Member Uncommon

    yeah this sucks.


  • TroneasTroneas Posts: 845Member Uncommon

    good riddance!!

  • Shoko_LiedShoko_Lied -, WAPosts: 2,170Member Uncommon

    Thank god. Now I won't feel compelled to constantly go back and trial it just to reaffirm that it was ruined and will never be fixed.

    Sort of sad to see it officially dead because I have so many good memories in the mmo, but I am glad to see it go also because It's a disgrace what has been done to it, and I haven't played it seriously since 2005.

  • ZoeMcCloskeyZoeMcCloskey Phoenix, AZPosts: 1,255Member Uncommon

    In it's original form pre-holocrons and the later NGE nonsense, SWG was great.  It is still some of the absolute most fun I have ever had in any MMO.


    Just too bad they couldn't admit their mistake and have had a classic server out for all these years.


    *hugs for all of Ahazi*

  • jjjk29jjjk29 Nashville, TNPosts: 295Member

      I am sure the finaly few days will be free for all players who ever played to come back and have some fun durring the final days.  I will probably join in just to see the server shut down.  I really do miss this game...

  • LaterisLateris Phoenix, AZPosts: 1,758Member Uncommon

    I feel bad for the community but what can you do. I feel really bad for my pal Zaca

  • TUX426TUX426 Madison, WIPosts: 1,907Member

    SW:ToR isn't gonna kill SWG...only...oh...wait...wut?!


    Oh...come on. Is anyone really shocked? Lucas Arts has far too much invested in SW:ToR to leave SWG open - this has been a given for years.

  • DistopiaDistopia Baltimore, MDPosts: 20,216Member Epic

    Originally posted by Troneas

    good riddance!!

    I'd hardly say that, I've been playing again for a couple weeks, people still love this game and rightfully so. Compared to what's on the market today, there's still no replacement. For those who like a game with as many options as well as community focus, there will be nothing to turn to.

    I doubt a lot of thsoe playing will have much interest in TOR, some sure, but the reason to play SWG is far different than the reason to play TOR. SWG still has an excellent community, and 3 nicely populated servers. AOC and funcom wish they could say that.

    For every minute you are angry , you lose 60 seconds of happiness."-Emerson

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