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PvP? Also questions...

RasereiRaserei webster, MAMember Posts: 1,023 Uncommon

1.) Is there any form of PvP? Open world? Arena? Battleground?


2.) What is the loot system like? Do monsters drop rare items with cool stats? All quest rewards? All boss drops? Crafting?


3.) How many classes are there? Is the game traditional in terms of tanks, healers, DPS? Or does group content not require the traditional setup?


4.) How big can my army get? Do they get gear and items like me?


5.) Do they accept paypal for subscription?



  • 43%burnt43%burnt StuttgartMember Posts: 160 Uncommon

    1. No

    2. Random drops can happen, no crafting.

    3. 4, traditional.

    4. There was a 127 Minion cap active the last time I played. Most zones allow 0-4 minions at a time. The minions gear can be upgraded by buying said upgrades from a npc at your estate.

    5. No clue, checking the homepage might give insight.


    "No" can be swapped for "Not yet" or "Soon" or "If the game survives that long".

  • dleveldlevel AthensMember Posts: 88 Uncommon

    NO PvP at all? are you sure about it? what are the plans about PvP in the future? and what about Crafting? :S

  • JohnnyMotrinJohnnyMotrin Charlotte, NCMember Posts: 439

    I'm pretty sure it was Danicia who said they do have plans for pvp, and we will love what they have come up with.  They just didn't have time to implement it before launch.


  • kilunkilun Apopka, FLMember Posts: 714 Uncommon

    Think they are going to have a unique PVP experience from what they said.  What does unique entice?  No idea, but it could be epic grand, or epic fail.

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