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I truly have enjoyed it.

ChadwickPAChadwickPA Harrisburg, PAPosts: 2Member

I have played a ton of games in my time, and I have never seen the kind of support, feedback, involvement and interaction with their community which I have found from Heatwave. They have truly stunned me by the way they are interacting and listening to their customers. For those who may think I am just saying that, check out their forums. They have been amazing. Each employee of Heatwave has shown their genuine concern for the game as well as the community concerns.


As for my thoughts, I have been playing Head-start and while it took me a little time to get used to the controls, I have truly found a great game here. I can easily see how people who simply “try it out” expecting the same old controls and UI may not give it a chance. But I would think they may have made up their minds before starting.  After you begin to get involved in the game some of the graphics and gameplay is truly stunning on even an older system.


As for now, there is not currently a crafting system, or pvp. But I believe they have said both are in the works for the future. (The crafting for sure. Myself, I never do much pvp anyway so I could care less) And the other content for higher levels is said to be able to be unlocked sometime after release. Yet what is included is extremely enjoyable. With the minions (your own squad of fighters make the game able to played solo if that is your choice), the estate system, fighting animations, instances and more.


There are some things which need to be worked out (just like all new MMO’s), and also improvements which I have heard are on the “up and coming” list from Dev’s. But this game is very enjoyable once you get going and learn the way everything works. It has amazing promise and I know by the companies interactions with their community a growing loyal fanbase to do it for.


I have never before recommended a game, but I wholeheartedly tell you to get this one! Give it two months and see how much you will enjoy yourself. And get involved in their forums too and tell me you don't find the same shock by how involved they are. You will not be sorry.





  • kevjardskevjards carlislePosts: 1,452Member Uncommon

    yeah got to agree.for what it is.its a great piece of fun.bought the game and subbing as well.been playing since CB and the improvements are amazing.i dont care that this game seems out of place in todays mmo's with their amazing thing that these so called mmo's dont have is immersion,which G&H has in abundance.the only game i can think is better that way is lotro.

  • VultureSkullVultureSkull LONDONPosts: 1,774Member Uncommon

    The only thing that is outdated in the graphics of G&H is the lack of tons of textures and bloom. However because these two things are not there the game runs very smoothly. WoW was much the same until a recent graphics update and even then it is not in the same class as say AoC. I do believe G&H is still using DirectX 9.

    The actual detail of the graphics in G&H is very very good, an example of this can be seen in the Mystics fire balls and ice balls, that leaves a stream of smoke or frost respectively or the detail of the grass, mobs, towns etc etc.

    The artwork is also very nice, as is the combat animation(pretty unique in this genre). These things more than make up for any complaints about the outdated graphics, and of course Heatwave can overhaul the engine and add direct 10 or/and 11 support later.  

    All in all the lack of textures and bloom does not distract from the gameplay, which is what a good game is all about isn't it?


    G&H has a lot of things going for it, an MMO should provide a ton of things for you to do or customise, from its skills and abilities to feats(talents) and god skills , as well as  its minions and estate management, G&H  hits the nail firmly on the head in that respect. The deeper you get in to the game the more it opens up, and they have not even added pvp, crafting and 2 classes yet!!


    Add to that the openness of the Devs, the unique setting and I can see how this game will be quite a success. Ofc it will not be for everyone, but if you really like MMOs (ie not just the really successful ones ;-)) then you may like G&H.

    And if you still cannot get over the lack of bloom and textures graphics invest in 3D graphics (screen and glasses) and you will be amazed at how well this game runs and looks in 3D.

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