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Customer service

vectrexevovectrexevo sant ana, CAMember Posts: 159 Uncommon

These people are awsome at customer service, the best experience I have had with any other mmo besides wow.   Just had to throw that out.. havent played teh game yet.. but I'm sure it will be great.



  • AshynAshyn Under a rock, OKMember Posts: 91

    Yes, they are. I commented on that in another thread.

    I've not seen such an emphasis on customer support in a very long time.  They do deserve praise for that - it's so uncommon it's astonishing.


    I just hope it's not a bunch of initial-stage butt-kissing that vanishes after a couple months.



  • kevjardskevjards carlisleMember Posts: 1,452 Uncommon

    have to agree totally,best dev team ever.dont beleive us?check out the forum

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