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Requiem momento mori : Lets get a real playerbase !

Alexhabs73Alexhabs73 Montreal, QCPosts: 2Member

Dear players.

Did you ever feel alone when you play Requiem ? Tired to see only few active Requiem Brazil and Lucifer Legion players near you... ?

I am too !

So here's the idea , lets advertise and spam !

Share the game by facebook,twitter. Do promotional videos and upload them everywhere ! Talk about the game (i lost :P) on every gaming websites and forums. Print some logos and put them in your local supermarket or any other places with peoples !!

I am actually making a video that i will upload on youtube,dailymotion,vimeo and metacafe. Xfire if its necessary.

I will also post this thread on MMOHUT and others gaming websites that i will surf eventually .

I think Requiem is a cool game with unique features and he deserves a bigger and better community then that one !!

If you want to help, copy/paste this message everywhere !!

Thanks for your help .

Alexhabs73 (DarkKrixx on requiem Hammerine)


  • MartialawMartialaw Carthage, TXPosts: 3Member

    I loved Requiem, just didnt have the player base to keep me in it.  Would love to see a requiem revival.

  • MMORPGtesterMMORPGtester Home, PAPosts: 91Member Uncommon

    I was looking into this game, The wife started playing it. I think i played this prior i just stoped playing it because of the ultra low population, however if she likes it and I think she does, i just may be moving back into the game, lets see how long it lasts this time.


    I found threw my many years. What makes and/or breaks a game is mostly the player base and community, look at world or warcraft. Cartoony, Geared for morons, and a grind fest. but it prevails because of the user base. Hope to see you in game.

  • UNH0LYEV1LUNH0LYEV1L Summerville, SCPosts: 421Member Uncommon
    I tried playing this game when it was Bloodymare like 3 times and couldn't get into it. I thought it was boring and no one ever played. I just started playing again like 3 days ago and this time it seems to have stuck. I am enjoying the game and I have seen a few people. I wish there were more people playing because it is kind of fun!
    ProbablyGettingNerfed - L100 - Witch - Path of Exile
  • KiljaedenasKiljaedenas New Westminster, BCPosts: 468Member

    I tried Requiem, it was a good, gothic creepy game...but still, just another WoW clone, with tons of grinding. Which is why I eventually stopped playing.

    Where's the any key?

  • CleffyCleffy San Diego, CAPosts: 5,402Member Rare

    Its not really as grindy anymore.  They finished fleshing out the quests to 85.  If you use Premium and +30% exp scrolls, you can probably go from 1~85 with only quests.  Without the scrolls you will probably have a few pits in the '70s you need to grind out monsters.

    I still don't like the exp curve in general and think its a terrible method for a level progression game.  The developers seem to lack the understanding that this game is level based.

  • lettinjshlettinjsh neverhadone, WAPosts: 5Member

    It WAS a really good-enjoyable game, before big update which crossower the whole enchanting system and so on .. what made you must-buy premium items to enchant ..

    Still trying to find something similiar in mmo world.. It was so fun and exciting in to the in-game night's.. ehh

  • KingOOKingOO north miami, FLPosts: 11Member Uncommon
    game was ok when it 1st came out but now its just plain boring and its all pay to win an takes no skills to win. I wouldnt let my friends drive drunk so i would be stupid to let them play this game
  • PsyentistPsyentist Seattle, WAPosts: 46Member Uncommon

    Well, I am a huge horror buff so the initial release of this drew me and a few friends in immediately.  And sure some of the mobs are bloody and deformed, but nothing abuot this game is anything but a Korean Grinder skinned then shopped around to various companies to promote.  

    From the 2nd large city on, your travel time to quest areas is so ridiculously long, it reminds one of an early Elder Scrolls size game without the depots and transportation methods.  I mean sure theres a few plane transports, but not in the meat of the game at 40+.  Even the towns themselves seem to be designed to allow millions of pcs in huge open areas and squares, and then all that is contrasted with a cramped shopping area and one easily blocked access point to your storage.  The crafting was extremely unnecessary and unless they offer it on Android or something the new browser version will be just as desolate from all the same shortcomings of the initial release.  It starts off fun enough, but god, what a let down.

    Sorry to add to the dissent in your "recruiting" thread, but theres a good reason why this game wasnt popular and its some kind of mystery as to why they want to make a last ditch effort with a browser version years later.

  • dem0nt0ungedem0nt0unge York NewPosts: 1Member
    Requiem is a decent game despite on the fact  that the game is just a browser game..kinda amusing how theyd come up with a decent graphics like t his..
  • CleffyCleffy San Diego, CAPosts: 5,402Member Rare
    Its actually not a browser game in the sense of a couple years ago.  This thing called HTML5 came out which allowed further functionality of the web-browser.  One such thing allowable is to use a DirectX application from within a browser.  Requiem has been around since 2008 as a regular mmorpg with a patcher and client.  The key things that allowed Requiem to be played in a browser is its size 3.5 GB, and the increase of internet speeds to an average download of 11MB/s.  Finally, it was the guts to actually convert the client over to a webclient and have it be downloaded in the background.
  • fatboy21007fatboy21007 triadelphia, WVPosts: 409Member
    get this thing off the site. Ive played this game since it launched off n on. False lies, takes Literally 3 years to get  a lvl cap raise. All conctent ever added which is every 3 years is Reused mobs and maps. games had bad lag, Serious hacker issues, i know i bitched for months n got over 40 hackers banned, but there like rats, remove 1 more appear. The cash shop tis insane, 50 usd in that game per month in order to get any friggin where. Sure it was fun at first, but at the end of the day its a grind/hacker fest. It do not deserve to be on Nor will it get any good praise from me. I waited n waited years and Nothing ever came. So in short, Koreans keep ur game.
  • TheLizardbonesTheLizardbones Arkham, VAPosts: 10,910Member Common

    The idea for the game seems cool, but the game itself just isn't that good. It's basically a mindless grinder with some interesting graphics.

    I can not remember winning or losing a single debate on the internet.

  • endgame1endgame1 Chapel Hill, NCPosts: 84Member
    Originally posted by lettinjsh
    It WAS a really good-enjoyable game, before big update which crossower the whole enchanting system and so on .. what made you must-buy premium items to enchant ..  

    My thoughts exactly. 

  • poringslasherporingslasher ManilaPosts: 59Member
    enchantment is good in this game. i liked that success rate can be seen on the reinforcement screen. no more blind upgrading :3
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