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CrimeCraft: Spectator Mode, New Safeguard - To Come in Update

DrewDrew Toronto, ONPosts: 434Member
The CrimeCraft team has highlighted another select features from its upcoming Summer Update. Head on over to the official site to get the skinny on both the new Spectator Mode that will allow players to observe matches, tournaments and gang wars, and a New Safeguard mode!

Next up, we’ve added a new Safeguard mode with a twist on Old Sunrise City Hall. This Safeguard features three Defense Cores that must be protected from AI foes. Playable by 1-6 users, the AI will adjust the number of attackers and how they attack to match the number of defenders. If there is only 1 defender, the AI will only attack one core at a time, but with more defenders, the AI can attack multiple cores forcing the players to coordinate their defense efforts. All three cores must be successfully defended to score the victory.

Read more at the CrimeCraft official website.



  • TheRiveterTheRiveter Gresham, ORPosts: 19Member Uncommon

    This game is just bad.

    I am not sure why people are still playing it with APB: Reloaded out.

  • ageventagevent Posts: 11Member Uncommon

    this game is pure awesomeness

    - you are not locked to a specific class

    -GM present ingame 90% of the time

    -DEVs listen to community feedback

    -ingame bug report system present

    -frequent updates and bugfixes

    and now SPECTATOR MODE!!! this means less QQ'ing ^^

    this game is gonna be big :)

  • OzmodanOzmodan Hilliard, OHPosts: 8,162Member Rare

    No matter how you look at it, this game will never be big, it is just another wanna be.  I doubt it will be around long.

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