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Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures: Hardcore PvP Incoming

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 23,008MMORPG.COM Staff Epic and Funcom have partnered to bring our readers some exciting news for Age of Conan players: When the new "Unrated" version of the game goes live, a new hardcore PvP server called Blood & Glory will make its debut. Funcom's Craig Morrison has an exclusive look at the new servers. Check it out and then let us know your thoughts!

For some the true appeal of the Hyborian setting is the brutal and unforgiving nature of the world Robert E Howard described. That isn't always something that is compatible with making an accessible game that appeals to a broad spectrum of users, as you are usually aiming for with an MMO, but with a license like Conan sometimes it is worth exploring other, less conventional ways, to bring that blood soaked and brutal world to life for those who are willing to live a less forgiving life.

That is where the new Blood and Glory server ruleset comes in.

Read more of Craig Morrison's Age of Conan: Hardcore PvP Incoming.



  • YuuiYuui KaunasPosts: 723Member



  • KabaalKabaal Posts: 3,040Member Uncommon

    They put this info out months ago and there's still nothing "Hardcore" about it.


    Pre-Made team Vs team were in at launch then removed later due to whining

    Bori was a stupid idea anyway, farming rocks to gain pvp xp

    1 item from your inventory drops, lets all fill our invents with stacks of single potions.


    I really fail to see what's so harcore about it, it's pretty much as the game was for most of it's existence.

  • RedcorRedcor Austin, TXPosts: 426Member

    I think I'm gona have to come back for this, when does the server go up ?

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    be impolite without having their skulls split, as a general thing.
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  • ThorqemadaThorqemada BerlinPosts: 1,282Member Uncommon

    I am curious to see how much players will really like this and how much was making noise about the demand for harder and more brutal pvp with a meaning where skill matters and fame counts.

    Live up to your demand now!

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  • AliceKayeAliceKaye Marietta, GAPosts: 838Member Uncommon

    I think I would actually give this a go. I really like the idea of a one-character-per-server type of system. I think quite often that a name does not quite mean enough when you have 10 different characters on a server, but to have one single character... yeah I like that.

    Bearshaman Ftw. <3

  • rodingorodingo Posts: 2,807Member Rare

    Why don't they just add perma-death? That's about as hardcore as you can get.  If all of the gankers had the chance of being perma killed, just like their victims then this type of ruleset would actually be interesting. Basically what I'm saying is, if you are going to do hardcore then go all the way.

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  • SkullcrackSkullcrack Dallas, TXPosts: 3Member

    5/20/08  All the ideas listed above were supposed to be in this game one way or another. So much promised and so little delivered. This game was touted to be a PVP'ers dream game. It was not...


    Played for about a year after they fixed the memory leak issue had some fun but the community dwindled fast. Hope this works well for Funcom.


    Hope TSW doesn't follow in the footsteps of recent Funcom releases.

  • AnubisanAnubisan Boulder, COPosts: 1,798Member Uncommon

    This sounds cool, but it is a couple years too late. This should have been an available playstyle from day 1 seeing as how there were so many people wanting to play AOC for the hardcore PvP it seemed like it would support pre-release.

  • Methos12Methos12 Maladis 46Posts: 1,239Member Uncommon

    Welcome addition, but as pointed out, something akin to this should've been in the game since launch.

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  • nepulasnepulas HamburgPosts: 174Member Uncommon

    nice , about 2 years too late ... tera is coming ... noobcom ...

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  • GravargGravarg Harker Heights, TXPosts: 3,409Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by rodingo

    Why don't they just add perma-death? That's about as hardcore as you can get.  If all of the gankers had the chance of being perma killed, just like their victims then this type of ruleset would actually be interesting. Basically what I'm saying is, if you are going to do hardcore then go all the way.

     I've been asking for this since launch.  The game wouldn't need an endgame, since noone will ever stay at 50, or probably even get to it.  AoC is one of the hardest games PvE, adding in perma-death + PvP...that'd be awesome.  Hardcore server, yes please!

  • TreekodarTreekodar jlkjklPosts: 524Member

    At the very least I'll give it a try.

    Eleanor Rigby.

  • EladiEladi ArnhemPosts: 1,106Member Uncommon

    They asshole's forget to mention they just merged most servers incl the RP servers into normal servers. thats howmuch they care for the somewhat niche players whitin a comunity.

    it could have gone good or bad for them but now 2th week after the merge it seems players are quiting faster then ever, specialy those who remained loyal and stayed purely due the comunity the game had are now leaving since the entire community was just pooped on.

  • TorvalTorval Posts: 11,937Member Legendary

    This isn't hardcore pvp.  It's lame gankfest pvp.  All the things that make this a lame gankfest pvp game still exist and that's why I think it has failed so miserably.

    Look at successful pvp games.  They have intricate rulesets to limit spawn camping and lowbie ganking.  They punish indiscriminate pk'ing, but promote pvp by competition for resources, mob and boss drops, and have pvp control objectives (castles and keeps for example) that actually matter.  Some have experience loss and item loss, or item degredation, but that is only part of the equation.  They all have safe zones with guards so players can regroup and charge back into the battle.

    Good pvp in an MMO is generated by competition for things that matter not random killing of easy targets.  I'll put out a Bill Murphy-espue prediction and say this attempt at "hardcore" pvp will fail.  I don't think Funcom has any idea what comprises a successful pvp game anymore.

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  • GrayGreeneGrayGreene berea, OHPosts: 239Member

    Originally posted by Torvaldr

    This isn't hardcore pvp.  It's lame gankfest pvp.  All the things that make this a lame gankfest pvp game still exist and that's why I think it has failed so miserably.

    I thought blood and glory server has not released yet?

  • RudedawgCDNRudedawgCDN Vancouver, BCPosts: 494Member Uncommon

    Sounds boring and uninspired to me.

    They talk about their reluctance to have multi rule set servers - more like lazyiness imo.

    It's a great pve game, but I'm not interested in a game that hyped itself as pvp and released itself as pve.

  • DarkPonyDarkPony RotterdamPosts: 5,566Member

    They should have done that at launch. Too bad there will still be phasing of public zones though.

  • gessekai332gessekai332 New York City, NYPosts: 860Member Uncommon

    why are all the carebears crying about this new server? if you dont want to get ganked dont play on the new server. the end. why are you so mad that finally people who want to play the game a certain way finally get to do so without people crying and making excuses? i for one am happy with this new installment. i loved pvp from tortage sands all the way to lvl 80, playing hox, conq, bs, sin. i ganked, got ganked, and i loved every ruthless moment of it. if you died repeatedly its because you sucked and needed to get better. carebears never realized this and cried all day long. they make the excuse that instanced pvp is better because now they can still suck and win since they can hide behind the skirts of their guildmates who are better than them.

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  • raapnaapraapnaap LeidenPosts: 414Member Uncommon

    AoC never really worked well with PvP because of all the zones and instances. Often you would load into an area and you would be dead before you had a chance to fight back or escape. And instanced PvP zones (aka 'battlegrounds') are anything but 'hardcore'.

    Then there is the lack of objectives of any kind. Player holdings are in instances, untouchable, and there is nothing else to fight over, no conflict on a scale larger than 'I'm killing you for some points so I can get gear'.

    The game was simply never designed with PvP in mind. A beter example of a game that was developed with PvP as the main focus is Darkfall.

    Finally, the looting thing seems silly, just 1 item? You have looting or you don't, it should be full looting or no looting at all, it stops making sense when you can loot only 1 random item. Atleast when you can't loot at all you can say 'a player respawns with everything on him'. It's kind of silly how you would respawn and somehow lose 1 random item, feels very artificial, and might even break immersion.

  • D_KitlorD_Kitlor Atlanta, GAPosts: 16Member
    With the new Conan movie coming out and AOC going F2P and adding areas from the new movie, this game is about to become popular. DDO and LOTRO have proven that going F2P is basically like a 2nd launch, and for AOC's 2nd launch it is going to have a ton of great things it didnt the first time.
  • frankahfrankah NYC, NYPosts: 72Member

    This is Agony PvP server all over again! Have fun with that. Gankers 40+ in white sands raping noobies and such.

    You can keep this...

  • AbdarAbdar Thunder Bay, ONPosts: 400Member Uncommon

    "There will be a limited form of player looting. One random non-No Drop item from your inventory will be left behind as loot when you die to another player. There will also be some items 'generated' that players will drop, just as you see when killing an NPC."


    So how was this hardcore again?

  • SyrusSyiSyrusSyi Asheville, NCPosts: 366Member

    Sounds Freaking Sweet

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  • eric_w66eric_w66 North Richland Hills, TXPosts: 1,006Member Uncommon

    So the 13 people playing on the Mordred server of DAOC has someplace else to go now.

  • Ralphie2449Ralphie2449 GreecePosts: 406Member Uncommon

    Ah i remember beautiful tortage dungeon pvp xD. Entering inside there and having like 6 invinsible guys attack you at the same time. Everyone was stealthed and the first person to be found was dead and started a huge fight.... Ah good days.


    I ll definitely go there to try it, it seems its gonna be very interesting but i still dont know what class i want to be :(

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