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i want to give FF XI another try but i have some things to ask.

punkrockpunkrock va, VAPosts: 1,777Member

ok i dont have my CC on me my wife has it right know.  so if i download the game do i have to have CC to get my account going or do i not need it until the 30 days are over?

i will have to make a new account so new toons as well and its been along time since i played*since beta and 5 months after that*

what has changed?  have they put some kind of pvp in it?  and is it easyer to level up without a group know?  and if so to what level and how much.

and the adena does it still take along time to get?

i think thats all i have to ask lol.  i would love this info if someone can answer it. this will help me alot in my choice between SWG and FFXI.

oh and i will be a elveen warrior miss that race hehe


  • ekoh.glockekoh.glock Shinjuku Prefecture, HIPosts: 1Member

    Everything you have mentioned, forget about and go in with a clean slate. PVP , ballista is there, but no open world pvp. I have been playing since release, and it is a completely different game. Levling is the still the same party grind, there is no solo unless you have a PL, or are a BST after lvl 30 once you get your first adv job. Level syncro (similar to eq2 mentoring) makes finding a PT easier. For the good.Before you even buy the game or whatever, install the POL viewer from the website assuming you have vista or windows 7. Because the one provided on the disk will only work on XP. NEXT  - see if they will even accept your credit card, the biggest issue with POL right now is the 3d secure credit card situation. Basically, if your bank or CC does not support 3d virtual secure whatever, you cannot pay / play.

  • DraronDraron A town in, KYPosts: 993Member

    You need a credit card to enter when registering.

    Leveling has been made easier. If you were around when FoV was out (basically they're kill x quests and give nice exp), they removed the daily limit on them (though you don't get gil and tabs after the first time, just exp), which makes soloing an option for any job.

    PVP is as dead as ever.

    Oh, and level cap is 99 now.

    Edit: Just saw you haven't played for 9 or so years. Google FFXIclopedia. It has all the info on the game. Read up on the version update history if you want.

  • punkrockpunkrock va, VAPosts: 1,777Member

    i will be downloading it by steam is that still good?  i am on windows 7 yes

    awsome that is a high level cap lol glade they made it easyer to solo and level up then. i do like going into partys but my life has gotten more busy so i cant as much.

    i will be going on a clean slate and were si this POL thing?

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