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Anyone hear about this game? (Spiral Knights)

AdvancedTechAdvancedTech New York, NYPosts: 165Member Uncommon

Came out last month or two months ago or something. Made by Three Rings and published by Sega (I think!)

Anyway it's supposed to be a co-op action mmorpg. Kinda like zelda-ish style. 


You can check out a video of it here with commentary

I'm thinking of playing the game myself, although I noticed it dosn't have a section for it here on Anyone play this game that can give me their feedback?


  • Endo13Endo13 Nappanee, INPosts: 187Member

    Yeah, I played it. It's a fun little game, and not bad at all, if you don't mind limiting yourself to playing an hour a day... or paying over twice as much as you pay for most subscription MMOs if you play for more than about 15 hours a week.

  • surstromingsurstroming stockholmPosts: 151Member Uncommon

    can give ya a short review, keep in mind that I didn't like this games and this is why I'm not playing it.

    its a little action oriented zelda like rpg where you go through level with with other players (usually a group of 4) fighting through enemies. its a fluid gameplay, I didn't find it challenging, and no1 can take on any roles so it just a group of 4people with all witht he same abilities going through grindy and easy levels.


    though some people may like this game, its browser based so u can almsot play it anywhere, and if u liked the zelda top down games then you should rly try this one, its like legend of zelda.... without items.... but some people are playing it I didn't hang around enough to know why.

  • SilvermarielSilvermariel Plano, TXPosts: 6Member Uncommon

    It is a Zelda like game.  I played it for about a month, and initially it was fun.  It wasn't particularly challenging, but it was fine for a mindless party.


    Recently they patched it, and changed recipe costs for weapon and armor construction in such a way that you are almost forced to spend money or spend weeks grinding away for cash to purchase their crystal energy.  The energy is required for everything, 10 points a pop for entering a level.  More if you die to resurrect.  Then item synthesis is a rapid scale, 50 for 1* items, 100 for 2*, 200 for 3*, etc...  You can only store up to 100 of the temporary recharging kind of energy, the rest requires you to purchase or trade for energy.


    In the end it turns out to be a very long grind, of the same content over and over.  It lacked the excitement of Zelda, and it missed the other important element of Zelda, the problem solving.  Overall if you're looking for something mindless to kill time a couple hours a week, then go for it, otherwise, its probably better to move on to something else.

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