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Linkshell proposals; hear me out, Carbuncle?

AutoMastaAutoMasta Fairfax, VAPosts: 2Member

Well, here it is. It may be rising up in alot of forums now, but it's pretty difficult, if not impossible to find a linkshell that does any kind of content besides Abyssea and other very recent things SE has given us on FFXI. It's something to do, can be fun at times, but I personally miss going out into different zones outside of Abyssea and killing NMs and EXPing 'traditionally'.

Also, following the new Abyssea Edition that was released a while ago, there's been a good amount of new guys and returning players who may or may not be starting fresh. Although it's a choice, I figure that these guys would be compelled to burn to level 30, then sit around LFP until an Abyssea group picked them up.

So, here's my two proposals mixed into one: I would like to create and attempt to lead a linkshell that would involve new, returning and old players, and involve all the new and old content alike. I figure this would allow new and fresh players to meet other players, get the leveling and whatever else they need, and in the end make it to endgame, while players already high up can help out if they want, and get together and do high level/endgame content either for kicks and giggles or for gain. So, adding all of that up, what I would want to establish is a mixed social and event linkshell, starting off with a mix of new and old players and hopefully eventually ending up as a group of players who have been able to sap up most of the content in-game, and ultimately have been able to enjoy themselves while obtaining this.

Like I said, this is just a proposal. It's probably thought of many times and heck, may be happening in Carby without me knowing. I figure I might as well should post something and see if any players would like to do this, since it'd be better to start off a linkshell with a couple of interested people from the start.

I would just like to see people still do Dynamis, expansion storylines (Hell, I might be the only one on the server not finished with mine), PVP, and even Garrison every once in a while and enjoy some content on the game besides Abyssea. Don't get me wrong, fighting giant worms and getting aggroed by Amphitheatres have their fun sides, too.

If anyone is even somewhat interested in this, would just like to be a member, or many even help recruit or whatever, drop a line or contact me in-game. Look for the Taru named Ralulu.

Thanks for reading. :D


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