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UI/Graphics Question

AutorockAutorock Langley, BCPosts: 48Member Uncommon

I played when this first came out, and am contemplating buying the 20 dollar pack that was released on steam. Have they made any ui tweaks over the years? I'm not expecting anything drastic, but do you still have to macro all your spells and such? And the graphics being dated and all, is there a workaround for HD Monitors?


  • ZinefriZinefri Grand Rapids, MIPosts: 34Member

    There have not been any deep changes to the UI or graphics. However by means of certain other things the game still does manage to look surprisingly good for its age.


    Square has expressed interest this year in tweaking the UI and "playability". We don't know what that will mean eventually but so far they have improved the names and font to be more crisp and smooth looking. I'm guessing they will take their ideas from FFXIV and apply them to XI. You still have to macro things if you want to do it with one button.


  • JonnyBigBossJonnyBigBoss Murrieta, CAPosts: 702Member Uncommon

    The UI and gameplay is fine if you play with a controller to be honest. I just came back after not playing since 2005 and the UI is far from being a real problem.

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