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Stigmata - Recruiting new and old players!(Wiccana-PVE)

xtreme3881xtreme3881 Aurora, ILPosts: 10Member Uncommon

Stigmata – Is a returning guild for Age of Conan. As you can imagine we have lost a few players since most have quit playing. We have been around since open beta. We do have experience in mmo’s in general. Since a lot has changed in AOC, we are relearning everything. We do have a good portion of a guild city up, but far from complete.

We are far from a complete guild(AS is no raid groups, guild city not complete, and dont have 100 80's etc), and looking for like players that wish to either relearn content because they are coming back, and or new players. Our goal is to finish our guild city, 6 mans, Raids, questing, and having a overall great community of people to hang out with. Raid times for the future will be set at a to be determined date. Like I stated above we welcome all people casual or hardcore. Just be mature, respectful, and know how to have fun! If your interested in sharing your experience with us follow the below contact method to reach me. Keep in mind that we are a mature guild, in that we are 25+. We have a Mumble server already in place, and if your interested please send in-game mail/whisper to 


I find it best that you contact me on here by private message. This way I can log down your in-game names, and send out invites once I return back to the game.

Here is somethings I like to point out.

- All of the players so far in the guild are from the USA. With that being said, our future times will be based off of America CST.

- Looking to run Raids ASAP (This guild is not for you)

- Looking for a completed Guild City (This guild is not for you)

- Think swearing, and calling people out is cool (This guild is not for you)

**Remember we will get guild city completion, raids, 6mans, and PVP faster then you know it. I just want people to know WHAT is expected right from the start. Think of this guild as something for brand new players to AOC, or a person that has been out of the loop for a long time. With this guild we can rebuild as one.**

Thanks for stopping by this post.


  • GundricGundric Memphis, TNPosts: 342Member Uncommon

    I have recently returned to AoC and joined this guild. I decided to start a new toon instead of jumping on one of my old ones. I first joined one of those big guilds where if you aren't 80 and super geared you just fade out. I started looking around and decided to transfer servers. I decided to switch to Wiccania mainly because I read about this guild and decided to take a chance. I've leveled from 50-80 in it and I'm glad that I switched servers and joined Stigmata. They are a nice group of gamers that actively do things together and actually care about those not level 80 yet. The guild isn't too big nor is it too small or overly established. I wanted to be a part of a starting out guild and help build the city up.

    If you are looking for a friendly and active up and coming guild then I'd suggest taking the plunge with Stigmata!

    Be sure to check out our website or contact us in-game:

    IGN: Nyxeris


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