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FFXI and XBOX360 users

xersentxersent StevenagePosts: 613Member

Hey all i live in the UK and we cant get the Ultimate collection for the xbox and now SE have just released the Ultimate Collection Abyssea Edition! with all expacks and addons everything.. for £17.99 .... but thats for PC ONLY.. now i have all the xpacks but no addons and if i was to buy the addons one at a time it would cost me £48 ... seems abit unfair for xbox users in the uk... they should let us get a discount or somthing to buy all addons for like £10-15 ... give us a break.



  • xersentxersent StevenagePosts: 613Member



  • TwistingfateTwistingfate warren, MAPosts: 177Member

    yeah it sucks for the EU players on the xbox. a friend of mine has been trying to find the xbox Wings of the goddess xpac. guess its really rare to find a EU Xbox WOTG lol. 



  • SlothnChunkSlothnChunk Kansas City, MOPosts: 460Member Uncommon

    You can't even find FFXI Online: Ultimate Collection for Xbox 360 in physical stores in the U.S anymore with only a few online stores claiming to have (stores I've never heard of). It was released a year and a half ago and it's virtually sold out.

    SE should release the newest FFXI collection for Xbox 360. Seem like a no brainer.

  • xersentxersent StevenagePosts: 613Member

    indeed its a no brainer...  and that sucks your friend cant get Final Fantasy XI Online Wings of the Goddess xpack ... ive found some online but they seem to be the US version..


    Lets hope SE pulls there finger out and does somthing about this..  thanks for your replys


  • xersentxersent StevenagePosts: 613Member

    I just found out that you can buy the FINAL FANTASY XI Ultimate Collection - Abyssea Edition on your PC and use the Code on your xbox360 and your have the whole set for £17.99 but your need at least Final Fantasy Xi 2008 Edition with all the xpacks , you can buy it 2nd hand for about £5-10 , i belive ebay has a few copys , then just use the new code from Stream etc , just wanted to let you know.


  • ThomasN7ThomasN7 1, NJPosts: 6,690Member

    I found this on for $10.00. It only cost me $14.00 with shipping and handling for the 360. This also has Wings of the Goddess.

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