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EU - Blood & Glory Server - TEAM NiPZ

OfrexOfrex ObanPosts: 15Member


 Now Recruiting for: Blood & Glory Server - Age of Conan - EU



Freedom - Unlimited PvP fun with extreme liberal attitude to pvp ruleset. You won't need to think twice if you see a prey in your claws. We are going all out on the PvP, not helping out your guildmates or not aiding the guild will NOT be accepted.

Respect bro - If you want to be respected, respect your enemies (loljoke). Just respect your Guild.

We stick together, we fight together, we kill together and we die together. We use our knowledge and experience to improve our PvP skills. Our strenght is unity forged in the flame of war and blood of enemies. We expect maturity and extreme PvP attunement, while we provide nightmare mode against all and spreading luv with fist, sword and penis.



If You Like,

- Having a collection of hate tells, which have serious creativity behind them, such as this one: "you born a pussy / YOU SHOULD BE NERFED AND HAVE YOUR PVP LEVELS REMOVED AS YOU DON'T DESERVE THEM / FFFUUUUUUUU" or "cancer will get you on your 40th birthday",

- Having people headbut their computers, roll their faces over keyboards, canceling subscriptions.

- Being famous, feared and respected at the same time,

- Aiming always for the best. Never giving up on your path to be the best.



If You Don't Like,

- Hanging around with immature people, whining, shittalking, believing they are really good although they suck bad.

- Being one of 400 nameless guys, that share your guild just to be a number in a zerg, only to loot stuff requires numbers.

- Spending your time with loot whores only thinking for themselves giving no aid when you're in need of.

- Waiting for hours, just to find a proper mate to go out and hunt on preys for fun.

- Checking a long list of NAPs, alliances, friends of guildmates, before attacking a prey passing through your way.

Then you definitely have the Team Nipz spirit in you. Now you have the opportunity to be a little nipple and share your time, fun and goals with others sharing the same spirit as you.




If you're not a full-retard, who can control his/her emotions and have a bit of common sense, you don't need rules. So there are no rules but one: red means [b]dead[/b]. Kill or be killed. Our main goal is PVP fun with extreme liberal attitude to pvp ruleset. We want our niplets to experience free pvp without political dramas, guild dramas and whines. We want to give opportunity to relax and give freedom to who, when and where you attack.

- We don't like whiners, cryers.

- We don't like keyboard bullies, that tries to compansate his lack of skill with emotional and immature words like "noob", "ganker", "fuck you arsehole" etc.

- We don't like drama queens. Actually we like drama but not in our guild. Some of our officers have direct keybindings on their keyboard for a "lightning fast guild kick" just in case an immature guy can be able to pass our recruitement stage.

- We don't like cheaters, as cheating is a pretty obvious sign for lack of skill and determination.




If you have enough pubes and big balls to initiate Team Nipz into nightmare mode, if you believe you have the spirit and skills to hang around with us, if you want to be a part of a close community with years of background and spread over games, apply to Team Nipz through this link:

If you want to know more about us and how we spread luv and care for others, follow this link:

Note: We don't care about your class as long as you have attitude, skill and determination. But we have a policy of age requirement 18+ with no exceptions.


  • thamighty213thamighty213 NewcastlePosts: 1,622Member Uncommon

    Holy wall of text batman

  • OfrexOfrex ObanPosts: 15Member

    No idea what happened....May be because I posted it with my phone, it looked fine before posting though lol.


    Edit: Fixed.

  • FjodorificFjodorific StockholmPosts: 3Member

    If i wasnt already a member i would join again, just to see this epix guild develop and be part of a close knit community. Then i would join again in order to be part of the hardcore pvp that we will be doing. And then i would join AGAIN! Just for the lulz!

    Trollin'. Winnin'. Killin'. Hatin'. Rapin'.
  • OfrexOfrex ObanPosts: 15Member
    Oh hai Fjodor!
  • OfrexOfrex ObanPosts: 15Member

    With the announcement of F2P we need more people now! There will be a steady influx of Guardians, Barbarians, PoMs and some other class I forget; join now and slaughter these poverty stricken F2P people!

  • MyrdynnMyrdynn Beaumont, CAPosts: 1,889Member Uncommon

    I play currently on a PVP US server, but I play mostly at Euro type night times, 7pm-1am (British time or what not).  Is there a way to play on a EU server as a US player?

    Also I assume we will all have to be rerolling on the B&G server correct?  if so Id like to get a chance to come meet with you guys prior.  I just resubbed and am having a lot of fun.

  • NasaNasa DenmarkPosts: 610Member Uncommon

    If you think f2p players are poor then this guild must be full of <span class="hps" title="Klik her for at f

  • OfrexOfrex ObanPosts: 15Member

    In regards to playing EU from a US account, I don't know but I doubt it. I think you would have to purchase a EU version of the game mate. If you find out, let me know. We're not all on Age of Conan right now as we're waiting on the B&G release date, but you can talk to us on TS, play some other games with us, etc.



    Originally posted by Nasa

     If you think f2p players are poor then this guild must be full of preconception.



    It's not that I think they're poor, it's that I know when I say something like that people respond. I would imagine some f2p people are poor or don't like paying monthy payments, but c'mon, if you're f2p in Age of Conan you still have to have bought a pretty good PC at some point. Trololo

  • MyrdynnMyrdynn Beaumont, CAPosts: 1,889Member Uncommon

    yah im currently playing RIFT on a Euro server, but been so bored to log in for the last 3 weeks I started playing Conan again.  What other games are you guys playing? there really isnt much out there interesting

  • OfrexOfrex ObanPosts: 15Member

    Anything to pass the time. Things like APB, Quake Live, anything. Not many large gaming sessions at the moment, we're all basically waiting for B&G.

  • FjodorificFjodorific StockholmPosts: 3Member

    Not long until the B&G server opens up, LETS DO THIS!


    Im thinking hamsters are cute, no?

    Trollin'. Winnin'. Killin'. Hatin'. Rapin'.
  • OfrexOfrex ObanPosts: 15Member
    Oh hai. New server is called Rage, probably appropriate as EXTREME trolling and baiting will be had.
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