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Payment Troubles.

SkeeterxiSkeeterxi Hudson, FLPosts: 265Member

I decided to return to FFXI after a few years away and getting bored of WoW clones and FF14 failing horribly. I see the steam deal for 20 bucks and decide to grab it. During the POL registration it has me punch in all my credit card info and I do, it directs you to a web browser to do this verify thing, my verification goes through successfully and it asks me to return to POL and hit submit. When I submit in POL I end up getting an error:


The server is busy or you have entered the incorrect information

Please note the following points and try again.

-Please check whether your card is valid.

-Please check your card number.


I know my information is correct and my 3D-Secure verification goes through when it directs me to the web browser so what gives?  I been trying every half hour for a few hours really starting to irritate me, I'm not gonna be pleased if I can't play a game I just bought.


  • ZinefriZinefri Grand Rapids, MIPosts: 34Member
    At what time were you trying to enter payment information? It's possible at the moment that registration server was offline due to billing or maintenence. Especially if it was around the 1st or 2nd of the month.

    If you keep trying and still have no luck try this link which instructs you how Square support will help you register it.
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