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Returning to FFXI LF Static Group

SalgodSalgod CanberraPosts: 3Member

I am planning on returning to Final Fantasy in the coming few weeks and got a couple of friends that I plan to bring along but was hoping to find some Australian players also keen to return or hell even give it a try if you missed it the first time round.

First for those who do not know a static group in Final Fantasy refers to group whom level solely together, usually a set time for set periods. Now seeing as FFXI has a awesome job system it is possible to designate the leveling on a particular job to this static group so if you are unhappy with the pace of the group do feel free to level other jobs.


At the moment I have one maybe two people not including myself , one tends toward a tank class, the other prefers tank/melee dps classes, I am very flexible in terms of what role I play and am willing to fill in the gaps as necessary. 


Ideally I want people willing get on Teamspeak(Voice Chat program)  and chat as they play as I am pretty lazy when it comes to typing... but if you are not keen on the idea of using a voice chat, or you do not have a mic not real problem. Also people in a similar timezone as me would be awesome(AEST) if you are not as long as you are on  at agreed upon times on a reasonablely regular basis then I couldn't care :) 


Things to know: I am young, only 17, I deem myself reasonable mature but if this is a problem for you then sorry.  Being a young person there will be time where I am not available to play because I am going out or something, whilst I will try to be as available as possible my social life is definately a more important factor in my life then FFXI will be.  I swear quite a bit, if I am talking to you via text this won't be a problem however if you join me on teamspeak be prepared for explicit language.  This will not be a hardcore get to cap as fast as possible group, more a casual group working to enjoy the game as best as possible whilst saving the effort of finding groups.


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