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pyuunpyuun Goergetown, PAPosts: 1Member

Hey guys!

We're running a Private server, which we plan on making open source!

Anyone with programming and coding knowledge is welcome to come help us out!

Anything we make advances in will be released to anyone who asks for it.

Of coarse, if you don't have any coding or programming knowledge. You are still welcome! This server is open to anyone who wants to play for fun!

Come visit us at: Home - Hadriel's FFXI Pandora Server

A guide on how to connect to our Hamachi Network, and Server are posted on the website!

Currently: EXP Rates are at 10x, and Drop rates are 5x!!

We've got many things that we have planned out to implement in the near future, these include:

Unobtainable items at NPCs in every city!

All Food working


Auction House (or some kind of economic system)

Getting BRD, COR, and other AoE buffing jobs to work properly.


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