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fro (ragnarok europe) ?

comcicomcacomcicomca MersinPosts: 46Member


So I decided to rereturn to Ragnarok. I played on Euro-Ro back in 2005-2007 very intensely and a litle bit casual during 2008. I shed a tear when I saw rumors about shut down and it did. Now google tells me there is a fro. I can speak french a little but I do not consider myself as a parisien. I see that the company supports english language and there are english sections on their forums. Can somebody who played/plays on fro tell me how is the player base? How is the company in terms of events, customer support? I hope there are fro players out there who read forums.


Oh btw I know there are tons of free servers out there but i don't like the idea behind free shards.



  • gummianimegummianime Richmond, BCPosts: 5Member
    I don't have much experience playing on FRO because I've been playing on IRO Valkyrie for the last 2 years. The reason I switched over was because my account got hacked. As of 02-25-2011 Gravity forced a password reset on all accounts due to hacking incidents, so I kind of Rage Quit, not really quit cuz Ragnarok is so addictive that I just jumped ship.

    Anyways, here's my experience while playing on FRO based on 1-2 months on the server.

    The current episode is 13.1
    Dialogues are both in English and French. Majority of the quests and npc are translated but some have yet to be translated and appears in French.
    Population ranges from 700 - 2400 depending on WOE days. Most people appears to speak english, some french, german, italian, etc. I found quite a lot of newbies in lower training areas when I was playing so it's still possible to start fresh on the server. The economy ingame however needs to be revamped, what I mean is everyone that sell stuff are selling mostly CASH SHOP items in vends instead of regular ingame items. In terms of EXP/Drop events, there isn't so much of, but they do have lots of holiday events such as Valentine, Easter, St. Patrick's Day in which they introduce more CASH SHOP items. In terms of customer support, I never contacted them so I can't answer it. I do know that almost everyday, there is an ingame GM that logs on for an hour or so, so if you have any questions you can speak to them directly. You will never find a GM ingame on IRO -_-.

    I have long since stopped playing on FRO, so I hope the information provided might still be somewhat useful. Well, have fun.
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