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cant download

qbsackerqbsacker dayton, KYPosts: 1Member

ok so ima just copy an paste this from my other question on yahoo ans  as u can see my grammar  typin skills uhh an spellin skills r garbage  so i hope yall can atleast read some of it haha


so i was downloadin this game an like it took me to a sign in type deal idk if someone plays they might know wat im talkin about i have NO clue on how to explain this sinc i dont really remember it been awhile since i tried to DL... but uhh it like needed me to sign into my computer? as a admin maybe idk but i have a rented computer from aarons so on first DL i tried admin admin 2nd download i tried username: aarons then pass: admin (if u fail on signin in then u gotta re DL) an tried admin pass an tried aarons an pass lol how can i figure out my computers login info for like admin login type stuff? i have no clue i jus wanna play this game badly but yea... kinda stupid when u gotta like login to ur computer or watever idk help plz :)


  • CleffyCleffy San Diego, CAPosts: 5,394Member Rare

    You have to ask the people you are renting the computer from.  Most of the time those types of companies set up a guest account to use so you don't mess up the computer.  However, most mmo installs require and admin account to install.

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