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How come Age of Empires Online is not listed?

MannyManaMannyMana San Rafael, CAPosts: 121Member

I have been seeing reviews for this game and all but nothing on this site? Is it on that other sister site?


  • xantrisxantris Portland, ORPosts: 38Member

    Originally posted by MannyMana

    I have been seeing reviews for this game and all but nothing on this site? Is it on that other sister site?

    It's an RTS and its listed on the RTS site.

  • stayontargetstayontarget Tacoma, WAPosts: 6,140Member Uncommon

    All RTS games are listed on mmorpg's sister site ""


    Also I'm gonna guess you are going to be reminded to post in the proper section by SWTOR fan's.

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  • MannyManaMannyMana San Rafael, CAPosts: 121Member

    That is weird. I thought I did... My bad.

  • SupergrassSupergrass Ascalon, FLPosts: 110Member

    Is Age of Empires Online even an MMO? From what I gathered (not a lot image) it seems to be more of a single player and co-op game with the only MMO elements being is trading and stuff. If it was like Lord of Ultima (where you're on the same map with other players and you can interact with them - trade, attack, forge alliances, etc) then I'd understand. But like I said, I haven't really looked into AoEO that much.


    Oh, and I don't see any reason it shouldn't be listed here. I mean, it is, but there are first person shooters listed with no true RPG elements - World War II Online, for example.

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  • MikeBMikeB Community Manager Queens, NYPosts: 5,793Administrator Uncommon

    Hi there,

    I'll pass this along guys, but no promises. Thanks!

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  • SignusMSignusM Checkmanistan, MAPosts: 2,225Member

    Because it's not an MMORPG. Very simple. You never play with more than 4 or so other players. There's no persistant world.

    There are quests, and loot, but that makes it an RPG, not an MMORPG. People need to stop confusing the two.

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