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The Free City of Lochlainn

ghetto-d7ghetto-d7 AyrPosts: 6Member

The Free City of Lochlainn is an international guild and the oldest guild on EU servers created especially for Age of Conan. The guild, coined "The guild that is not a guild" by it's founder Tarib (now lost to Funcom) was created to offer players a place to be, who didn't have the urge to join the race for fame, fortune and e-peen but still wanted to get the benefits of a guild. 


The Guild is still going strong and we raid T1, T2, and T3 in an alliance, our city is T3, renown lvl 15 and we are working our way through the all the new dungeons that are brought out for us to face.

Our Guild dinged 5 years old in Age of Conan this year and we welcome any newcomers to the game image


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ps: Pants are still optional!




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