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Brief B&S CBT1 Impression

genkidashitegenkidashite SeoulPosts: 41Member

I have to say I am quite amazed at some of the things this game has shown me personally.

The presentation of the storyline and quests is top class, even among non-online games. Camera angles, animations, graphic details, bgm, and voice-actings have nothing to criticize to make cut-scenes very immersive.


The 3d character modelling, for a typical korean's view, is the best I've seen so far in my entire life ;) So if you dont have big no-nos for animeish asian art style, you might want to check it out. For narutards and such, you will drool and wet your pants.


The targeting system is exactly the same as TERA. you have an invisible cross-hair(in TERA you have a visible cross-hair), and if you activate a skill when an enemy is targeted inside the cross-hair, the skill will be performed. If you seek a non-targeting combat system, B&S should interest you. The combat is fairly fast-paced. It gives a very similar feeling to dueling arcade games like tekken.


now the biggest con...

As far as I know, the game is designed to be more of a theme-park game, so many of the sand-box lovers should avoid this game. That means it might end up as one of the grinding korean mmo. :(

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