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Prius Online: Closed Beta Testing is Here

DrewDrew Toronto, ONPosts: 434Member

The team over at Prius Online are pleased to announce that their Closed Beta testing started on Thursday, April 28th, and will continue to run right up until May 8th.

Closed Beta Testing (CBT) will run from April 28th through May 8th and will feature six different classes, levels 1 through 25, multiple zones, and the beginnings of an epic storyline.

Visit the Prius Online official website.



  • D1neXD1neX MönchengladbachPosts: 7Member

    i am playing it :) its really good for a f2p game

  • nhatnhat Posts: 158Member Uncommon

    If you like this type of gameplay, it is very solid.


    If the attack doesn't have a charge than you can move around pretty easily without being interrupted. Other mmos I play if you move around too much your attack gets interrupted after a while even when its not a charge attack.


    People who says this is garbage are the same people that say how all FPS are the same. There are good ones and there are bad ones.

  • BloodaxesBloodaxes ZabbarPosts: 3,615Member Rare

    Actually from what I've read this game has a good storyline and for that reason and the beast race I'll probably try it in open beta :)

  • SuperXero89SuperXero89 Amory, MSPosts: 2,551Member Uncommon

    I don't like the gender locked classes.  If you want to play a male melee DPS, you're stuck playing a beast-like character or extremely efimate elves.

  • RecoreRecore Posts: 7,196Member Epic

    Been waiting to try this.

  • rojoArcueidrojoArcueid GinnungagapPosts: 8,419Member Rare

    i like it so far, im playing a lon femina huntress because i like archer dps.... i wanted to roll legionaire but male classes look really weird while running.... I also love the anima system, its like the pran system from AIKA online but improved by a LOT

  • RecoreRecore Posts: 7,196Member Epic

    Very nice game if you are into Asian MMOs. Its Free To Play so I recommend anybody trying it.

  • zephermarkuszephermarkus qunatico, MDPosts: 201Member

    it's abit diffrent but another f2p game means massive grinding when u hit about 20

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