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For those who loved skill based pre cu Check this out...


  • VGTheoryVGTheory Wood River, ILPosts: 110Member

    Sounds interesting, however, implimentation will determine how good it actually is.   I will be watching this.

  • YalexyYalexy BerlinPosts: 1,056Member Uncommon

    Earthrise has failed to deliver basically anything they promised.... The game is in a horrible state and not worth it's money.

    I was following it for three years and beta-testing for allmost 6 month. I still bought the game in hopes that it would get some patches that fix the major problems, but it didn't so far.

    Don't go there...

  • Mari2kMari2k rzhz, MNPosts: 371Member

    Ay, Idea is ok... but compered to this game even FF14 is polished.

  • randomtrandomt no thanks, BCPosts: 1,217Member Uncommon

    I dont see what earthrise has to do with the old SWG

    ER's skill system is rather basic and not particularly well done

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