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Something interesting from infamous 2

whilanwhilan Everett, WAPosts: 3,471Member Uncommon

So i was searching youtbue because i'm always out for new games and keeping my eye on them. I'm also very much on the lookut for games with allignment systems in them.

Theres one coming out for the PS3 (yes it's an exclusive) in june which is infamous 2.  Thats the sequel to infamous 1.  If your not familer with this game, it's a mission/story based game surrounding the character of cole McGrath (i think thats how you spell his name), it's somewhat sandboxy but it does have a linear story line that you need to follow to the end so theres always a push to end game, just how long you want to take to get there ie, new areas only unlocked at certain points in the story line.

Now in the Original Cole managed to get some special powers over electricity and must use this to complete objectives like detaching spy bots from buildings, escorting people, protecting areas. Some of these come with alignment choices in them.  Now they are pretty black and white so don't expect dragon age or the like where it's shades of grey, it's pretty clear which is which, IE do i take the toxin hit to the face and mess myself up or do i force this guy over here to do it for me.

Anyway i told you about that  to familerize yourself with infamous 1 as it seems 2 is sharing this.

Now i fully expect it to be more of the same that infamous 1 was with more powers and this time around destructable enviroments. 

With all that it seems interesting and to me certainly worth the purchase, however i came across this trailer and thought it was interesting. Check it out.

Which basically allows you to create missions the way you want them, place enemies objecrts that sort of thing.  Very interesting to me.  I'll have to check it out more but i thought i'd give you a heads up on it

It does seem to me at least that designers are saying we can't please everyone so...well give you the tools to create the things you want yourself.  Not sure how i feel about doing their work for them, as someone who is interested in the gaming field i like it, for someone who enjoys getting the most out of a product i like it. From someone who feels that what i'm paying for i should get the full game myself i'm against it.  Torn as always i suppose.

Help me Bioware, you're my only hope.

Is ToR going to be good? Dude it's Bioware making a freaking star wars game, all signs point to awesome. -G4tv MMo report.



  • SlyGamer79SlyGamer79 siesta key, FLPosts: 278Member

    creating your own missions doesn't seem too bad but omg forget renting i'd have to buy that game to have the time to do it all lol i'm actually doing a playthrough on infamous  to get a refresher on the game before i get infamous 2


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