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DawN of a New Day - a mature gamers guild- 21+/ [GMT]

kanzykanzy springfield gardensPosts: 8Member

Dawn of a New Day

- International Gaming Community - Limited Recruitment -

Who are we?

DawN is a collection of mature gamers. All members have vast MMO experience. We all use our forum to communicate in addition to our TS3 voice server. Our average real life age is approximately 30 years old. We intend to expand our core group of players here in Star Wars: TOR.

Why are we here?

As mature gamers we like to do our own thing, we have no intention of growing into a zerg, our intention is to retain a core group of familiar friends who will all enjoy the game together.


What makes us different?

We aim to be drama free, we don't have the issues bigger guilds have as we are a close knit group of experienced players. Our goal is to enjoy SW:TOR, including all its various content. We highly encourage guild group play, but we understand that some people can't take part in every group event and therefore are tolerant of soloers and try to help them out as needed, we all need to solo sometimes! However, we have a lot more fun playing together and therefore prefer this play style whenever possible.

Time Zone: Although we are an International guild, the majority of our members are in and around GMT (EU time zone)

Faction: We will be playing both The Galactic Republic and The Sith Empire.

Our Republic branch is DawN of the Republic

Our Sith branch is  DusK

Server Type:

We are flagged as a PvP Guild and as such advertised here as one. Just to clarify the PvE and PvP rulesets have not been released yet, so we are waiting for these to confirm our status. However it is our intention to go PvP, partly because it is Bioware and a hardcore PvP ruleset is not anticipated by them, its not their or Mythics style. We are expecting a ruleset where PvP compliments the story arc and does not impede it.


Visit our website  and check us out.

Recruitment section.

ALL applicants will be interviewed by a Commanding Officer via our TS3 server before membership is granted.

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