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can anyone set me up with an account ?

anarchyravenanarchyraven leedsPosts: 2Member

Hi , 

       I'm trying to get back into neocron but this click and pay site that new  players need log into isn't working for me (keep getting error issues ) .

Have check lots of forums and most  say you need someone to set up an account via click/pay , anyone ?

On one good note , the level of interest on these sites  for the last 3-4 months looks  a lot better   . If more get past this anoying account problem we could see the neocron  that was many years ago , and it's still one of the few heavy cyberpunk games around  - need more of them .



  • DanyBoy2005DanyBoy2005 HamiltonPosts: 174Member

    Does anyone play this? I'm keen to start playing if there is a big enough playerbase. This game looks badass.

  • anarchyravenanarchyraven leedsPosts: 2Member

    It did have a large player base many years ago but it tailed off heavily some year ago prolly due to the mass of mmog's coming onto the market . The graphics are reasonable but what makes this game still a good one is the cyberpunk aspect  and atmosphere - think blade runner !. The player looks small atm but like i said in my first post it's growing just hard to get past the account startup .

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