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MannyManaMannyMana San Rafael, CAPosts: 121Member Uncommon

I don't really play WoW anymore but if there is anything Blizzard had done right every year it is their April Fools joke... Anybody have a link to it if I missed something?


  • JoarnajJoarnaj Elizabethton, TNPosts: 258Member

    Yes. or

    You really can't miss it. I laughed a lot.

    I was pleasantly surprised when I went from Apprentice to full 5 star Elite in under 2 months. I was pleasantly surprised again when I went from Elite to just barely Hardcore in 2 weeks. Apprentice, here I come!

  • AyonarAyonar Whiteland, INPosts: 44Member

    The fact that people are still paying money for WoW....APRIL FOOLS!!!;)

    Not bashing WoW, just messin.  I have a sour taste for the game but if anything Blizzard sure knows how to keep its players hooked...cant deny them that.

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