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humperhumper motown, CAPosts: 12Member

I am a FInal Fantasy XI gamer been one since it was released in the USA. I have witness it's ups and downs, alot of updates that made the game much more pleasing to it's gamers and new comers. Leveling is easier, questing is fun, and it's socially rewarding. The game is a player based economy still, using the AH (auction house). Which means you can have fun crafting and make a profit doing so. Certain mobs still job gear but that takes great skill and/or with fellow adventurers to get. The world is impressively massive which continues to grow with each new expansion or add-on. The community is awsome nothing like it in any MMOROPG world today. Did I also you can also plant grow crops, racing your mount against others for rewards, Besides from crafting you can take up hobbies to do if you want to chill and take a break from crafting, adventuering, quest, missions, etc..

I was not here to sell this game but tell you how I feel about this game. Its fun, alot of low level players on (atleast on my Server). partying is fun. Here I have found this website hopefully you'll try it out and see for yourselves.

Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can't help them, at least don't hurt them.

God Bless!                                                                                                                                                           


Server: Quetzalcoatl


  • sorahitoshisorahitoshi earth, MDPosts: 9Member

    can i join ur linkshell if you have one? im looking for people to play with and hung with

  • humperhumper motown, CAPosts: 12Member

    Sure you can, the ls I'm in has alot in it nice people. They are always looking for good-hearted, firendly players.

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