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Anyone here playing Hello Kitty Online?

BloodyMariaBloodyMaria Dallas, TXMember Posts: 22

I find this MMO, kawaii. Share stuffs here :)


  • bbegirlbbegirl Hong KongMember Posts: 61

    Me, I am! But I usually post in the Sanriotown forums....this community is....very Men-game oriented LOL

  • poefuepoefue Glen Burnie, MDMember Posts: 226

    So this is the MMO girls hang out in.

  • nyxiumnyxium Member Posts: 1,226 Uncommon

    I tried to sign up but the sweat from sheer shame destroyed my keyboard before I could finish.

  • ipekaipeka hamburgMember Posts: 222
    Originally posted by poefue
    So this is the MMO girls hang out in.

    Having colorful and girly girly stuffs doesn't necessarily caters girls , if it is the case why MLP has moar bronies than pega-sis?

  • KanesterKanester WalesMember Posts: 375 Uncommon
    Is this the hard core, sandbox, full loot pvp game we have all be waiting for?
    If so im packing in DARKFALL.
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