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Lately I have found myself leveling without even noticing.

shenfreyshenfrey LeicesterPosts: 108Member Uncommon

This is unheard of for me, as all I ever do in MMOS is try and rush to the higher end content because thats where 90% of the game is for alot of mmos, however in this game, I don't even know it, I kill some things, I close some rifts, I stop some invasions I had a few quests and bam, level up and instead of being 'as expect' its more like.. oh, sweet! I actually get excited when I level now! 

Granted, I am only level 14 (gonna say 15 as I am only half a bar away) so this may very well change as the xp net gets larger, however for the time being I am quite enjoying myself. 


What about you guys? You finding it the same, or you always keeping one eye on the XP bar? If not, does this mean the game isn't a grind? If it is a grind, does it at least mean the grind has been done well? I am not sure what to think.


Comment away guys an gals .


EDIT: The game looking as good as it does helps as well as my eyes are always drawn to SOMETHING in the background!


  • er99er99 LA, CAPosts: 101Member Common

    thats been the same experience for me. i'm level 25 now and i still rarely look at my xp bar.  all of a sudden i notice that i'm about to ding next level. half the time i'm so absorbed in rifts or pvp i dont even realize i leveled up. all of a sudden i notice my xp bar is near the beggining again.

    i have to say this is unique experience for me. i think it says alot about this game to keep a person that engaged. i havn't played an MMO as much, or wanted to since pre-nge swg. the world is beautifull as well. i decided to just go exploring all day today. to my surprise i was rewarded by finding two treasure chests in the most remote, crazy place and a lootable corpse that went along with the chests. got 150 gold from the three drops and three really nice, unique greens, not to mention a handfull of hard to find glowies. this was all in the first starter land mass...i cant wait to explore other land zones.

    and this is why i will be playing rift for a long time i think. its refreshing in a way i cant quite describe. i started my MMO career playing star wars gallaxies in 2004 during the holocron era. was the best game and most fun iv'e had in mmo's. since iv'e played CoV, EvE, WoW, EQII, PotBS, LoTRO, Vanguard and a few others not worth mentioning. for some reason Rift is the most fun iv'e had since the early days of SWG and the two MMO's really dont even compare.

    In Rift i'm not even in a rush to level. crap i'm lvl 25 and i'm still on the first starter continent and still enjoying it. granted i PvP alot but in between theres alot of fun to be had.

    funny thing is i hated Rift the first week and a half i played it. i thought it was boring and too much like WoW. i'm not even sure what changed for me but now i have to force myself to logout. 

  • ScotScot UKPosts: 6,332Member Rare

    The leveling is too quick but the explosion that occurs when you make a new level always reminds me. :)

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