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Best rogue experience in an mmorpg?

NitthNitth AustraliaPosts: 3,903Member Uncommon



Looking to pick up a new game, Focused on doing a Rogue/Assasin type of character any suggestions on a game?

Really want to get involved with the character, Never really rp'd But thats a possibility.

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  • TaishiFoxTaishiFox NottinghamPosts: 809Member Uncommon

    The list of games with Assassin classes are as follows:



    • Age of Connan

    • Aion (I know you've played this)

    • Dark Age of Camelot

    • Everquest 2

    • Guild Wars

    • Lineage II

    • Rift

    • Vanguard

    • Warhammer (Witch or Witch Hunter, Witch Hunter have more range ability)

    • World of Warcraft (I know you've played this also)



    • Allods (Scout class)

    • Dungeons & Dragons

    • Everquest 2 Extended (Assassin must be unlocked with Station Cash which is bought with real money)

    • Forsaken World

    • Lord of The Rings (Burgler class)

    • Perfect World

    • Runes of Magic

    • Shaiya (Ranger from the elf race is pretty much Assassin, Archer is the true Ranger, go figure)


    These are the ones I can think of off the top of my head.  Which ones would I recommend? Probably Everquest 2 (Extended no monthly fees, Assassin must be purchased to unlock) or Guild Wars or DDO, that or you could try joining the Rift wagen lol.


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