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MMO on Droid

marks4902marks4902 putnam valley, NYPosts: 133Member

I was wondering if there were any MMO's for the droid. I have played most of them that are in the market like Pocket Legends and Parallel kingdoms i was wondering if there were any browser based games that would work well also and if anyone has tried them on the Droid X


  • marks4902marks4902 putnam valley, NYPosts: 133Member

    It would be nice to have a full fledged mmo to play other than something diablo like such as Pocket Legends

  • FallenDWCFallenDWC Burlington, NCPosts: 4Member

    If you're just looking for a browser based game; almost all of them would work well on the Droid X such as:


    Features List

      •  Free to play with no advertisements or other annoyances.

      •  Great community and democratic player-run gangs.

      •  Level up, train abilities and become a level 80 avatar.

      •  Multiplayer team based warfare in a battle for gang territory.

      •  Hunt special NPC characters in the search for powerful items.

      •  Customize your character with a huge range of unlockable clothing.

      •  Form clans, trade items, try your luck in the casino and much more....


    I copied and pasted that from the website front page because I haven't played it in quite some time and didn't wanna leave out any features.

    However when I did play Legacy, my experience was quite enjoyable. The players are lively and mostly friendly (there's always a few bad ones, but they get dealt with quickly). You don't have to pay anything to enjoy the game. There is an option to buy subscription time though that gives you more clothes, turns and many other features. But it's not necessary to buy subscription with real life money for the extra features. Players sell subscription for credits (the game currency) in the market all of the time.

    Like most other games, Legacy gets repetitive.

    Hope this helped a bit.

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