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The Laziest Gamer (Help)

marks4902marks4902 putnam valley, NYPosts: 133Member

One of the many things i like in some of my favorite mmo's is the ability to further your character at your own pace. In EvE your play time only equaled how much personal familiarity you had with the game and how much money you had but not how quickly you  "leveled" or "progressed". Even in Planetside there really was no leveling. Someone who started today could reasonably kill someone who has been playing since the first day of release however the older player could be more versatile and have better looking gear. Finally in Guild Wars i appreciated the PvP characters where i could play a large portion of the game (about half of the content) as a PvP character in which i didnt have to level it or collect gear or spells it stated at max level. The only penalty i suffered is that i didnt have any flashy looking gear and i couldnt participate in the PvE content that i rarely had time to participate in anyhow but i in no way felt  gimped in my game play. So i guess my question is as follows, are there any game out there that are good for a casual player who really dosent want to do a  quest grind/monster grind or at the least dosent have to? Also take note that i do understand that i am pretty much describing a FPS game, or mostly PvP game however i am looking for  MMO that has a decent player base and is strong on pvp but very casual friendly.


  • geraldfitzgeraldfitz fafegeerr, KSPosts: 6Member

    Im also new here.. and looking for new game.. Rift is currently the top game.. have you tried it? i want to try it too.. be tried lots of game already... like Wow, Requiem, Atlantica, Flyff, wonderking... but i think what what you are looking at is like Atlantica? wherein in it's a strategic game.. also what I like is that they have this Auto-batttle system where in you can live your character leveling or in a batlle... something like that... but im already quit on this game because of item mall shop game.... .>.<

  • marks4902marks4902 putnam valley, NYPosts: 133Member

    also im currently trying WoT but i have a feeling its not what im looking for

  • marks4902marks4902 putnam valley, NYPosts: 133Member

    yeah rift in my opinion is too much like a conglomerate of all of the other mmos that i left eq1/2 ffxiv / war/ wow i just want to be able to log on and worry about anything other than leveling

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