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Free Realms: PS3 Version Interview

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 23,008MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

Sony Online Entertainment and the Free Realms dev team recently announced that the game will be available to Playstation 3 players at the end of March.'s Drew Wood caught up with Lead Designer Stephen Bokkes to talk about Free Realms moving to consoles. Check it out and leave us a thought or two in the comments.

We've already seen Free Realms on the PC and on MAC. Why the desire to move the game over to the PlayStation 3 as well?

The move to the PS3 is really just a natural, logical extension of the existing brand. Free Realms is more than just a game for kids; it's a game that family members can enjoy together. The PS3 brings that experience into your living room for the whole family to enjoy.

Read more of Drew Wood's Free Realms: PS3 Version Interview.


  • ultrastoatultrastoat Sacramento, CAPosts: 172Member

    It's about freakin' time! I bought a lifetime membership last year because of a false positive on the release date for PS3.

  • just2duhjust2duh City, NSPosts: 1,290Member

     XBL gets torchlight, and we get this?

    /madfrogface >:(

  • kikinchazkikinchaz UKPosts: 561Member

    Been waiting so long for this. Good little timekiller which is surprisingly fun in small doses. Should fit a console perfectly.


    Regarding the interview what kind of question is "Obviously SOE has a lot of faith in Sony's console..." - considering they're both Sony you'd better frickin' hope they have faith! Surely that's a given...


  • BurntvetBurntvet Posts: 3,441Member Rare

    SOE was corporately reorganized a few years back to be a subdivision of the division that does all the PS3 stuff (SMCE or something).

    Smed works for Mr. PS3 now, it is not a cooincidence that everything they put out from now on will also be on the PS3.

    Not that I care about "No Longer" Free Realms anyway.

  • huskerman34huskerman34 Minneapolis, MNPosts: 247Member Uncommon

    Man screw this, just bring out final fantasy 14 and everquest 2 extended on ps3 and should  keep some mmorpers happy. Im sorry this game is not my cup of tea.

    Edgar F Greenwood

  • ScribbleLay1ScribbleLay1 Mt Pleasant, SCPosts: 177Member
    Say whatever you want about this game, but my Son loves it and I would rather him play this then some other game.
  • binary_0011binary_0011 SingaporePosts: 528Member

    playing online game on ps3 can be pretty bad. i have naruto : ultimate ninja storm 2, the input lag was like 1 - 2 secs. in fighting game if you lag, you not going to win easy.

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