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Phoenix Factor (Justice server)

krazedkaozkrazedkaoz Durant, OKPosts: 17Member

the ideal member that Phoenix Factor hopes to recruit.

Someone who is fun-loving, easy going, looking for cool people to have fun with while playing a cool game. Someone who is not selfish. Someone who is willing to say, "I dont know everything, and I am willing to learn, or I have experience, and am willing to share". Someone who wants to be on a team for all the reasons thats defined when you look up the word "TEAM". 

What seperates Phoenix Factor from the other Super Group Teams?

I believe this goes back to our non-dictator style. We dont boss people around, tell them what to be or what powrs to have. We are just a group of people, who dont want the B. S. you can get in other types of guilds. Now, does this mean were B.S. and drama free? No. There are always instances where upon people will have some form of disagreement. It is nature in every means of the word. But its the ability to pass it as "water under the bridge" and move on. 

Contact me in game @KraZeD_KaoZ

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