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Key Giveaway Thread

PiasekPiasek LimanowaPosts: 318Member

Gamesradar Mythos Beta keys giveaway: Click Me


1. Login / Register to If you’re not already a member, click here to register.

It only takes a moment. ( activation on mail, should be in 30 seconds )

2. Head to our Mythos closed beta key page to get your code.



Let's try stay in one thread with keys giveaway.




  • RammurRammur spokane, WAPosts: 575Member

    Yeah i tried them signed up nada  im finden tons of sites that seem too use the free beta keys too get people too sign up on their site i prefer to know ahead of time if they have any or not before i sign on their sites.

  • PiasekPiasek LimanowaPosts: 318Member

    10 Beta Key's to giveaway.

    First 10 members that reply below with "I want Beta key" will recieve it.


    PS; Don't send me PM, as i will ignore it.


  • roadkillnlroadkillnl rotterdamPosts: 1Member

    I want Beta key :)

  • ScorchienScorchien Hatboro, PAPosts: 3,160Member Epic

    Key Plzzzz!!!  "I want  Beta key"

  • karty1982karty1982 EkaterinburgPosts: 2Member

    i would appreciate getting a key! thank you for such opportunity! oh, brw:  I want Beta key! )))

  • GruntyGrunty TexasPosts: 7,936Member Rare

    I might be interested once they get the English translated into Korean, translated into Engrish, translated back into English patch done.

    Clarification: I have too many games to play now.

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  • AdvancedTechAdvancedTech New York, NYPosts: 165Member Uncommon

    I want a Beta Key!

  • RuyanRuyan KoblenzPosts: 44Member

    I want a beta key

  • PiasekPiasek LimanowaPosts: 318Member

    Keys was send to:







  • SilokSilok Mascouche, QCPosts: 732Member Uncommon

    I want a beta key please.

  • PiasekPiasek LimanowaPosts: 318Member

    Originally posted by Silok

    I want a beta key please.

    On PM ;)


  • karty1982karty1982 EkaterinburgPosts: 2Member

    thank you very much!

  • MiMoSeTHMiMoSeTH BenicarloPosts: 46Member Uncommon

    I want a beta key too, please :)

  • SilokSilok Mascouche, QCPosts: 732Member Uncommon

    Thanks a lot

  • Mr_WolfxMr_Wolfx Columbus, TXPosts: 176Member

    Idk if i made it in time, but  I want a beta key:D

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  • PiasekPiasek LimanowaPosts: 318Member

    Keys was send.


  • bingo69bingo69 Rouyn-Noranda, QCPosts: 203Member

    Did it 2time, both time didnt work... So dunno wtf is going on haha.

  • LemissLemiss CanetPosts: 2Member

    I don't know if i made it in time, but...

    I want a beta key please :D

  • czechzombieczechzombie KokotovPosts: 27Member

    I'd love some cb key goodness! ;D

    EDIT: OK, I've got it from the site, thanks!

  • szpaq234szpaq234 CHICAGO, ILPosts: 1Member

    I want a beta key !

  • MiMoSeTHMiMoSeTH BenicarloPosts: 46Member Uncommon

    Thanks a lot for the key. Everything went smoothly :D

  • KillerwoodyKillerwoody Carriere, MSPosts: 24Member Uncommon

    Anymore keys out there ?

  • alloinalloin BelgiumPosts: 92Member Uncommon seems to have 10 more

  • ItsAlexItsAlex BorPosts: 32Member

    Anyone got a spare key that I can have, been trying to test this game since the last "beta"-phase-_-" that they shut down.

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