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Second Life Red Zone/Spyware Info

RenoakuRenoaku Posts: 1,439Member Uncommon

Second Life gets hit with spyware again, not only this, but my account just recently got kicked off of Second Life for the third time on the same account without any reason, or email of such. It seems LL is allowing this type of spyware on our grid, as they do nothing about all the users doing it. Also LL and their constant so called legally binding TOS Changes, which are not legal, because when I put over $1,500 USD for a full simulator in Second Life, then Spent over $7,000 USD in Tier Payments, and who knows exactly how many purchases in Second Life I have made, but I will say hundrends if not thousands of USD of USD worth of L$ Transactions over the years.

LL's Original TOS said that I had rights to my creations, and my Land which I Purchased in Second Life, I have owned this since 2008, and from my experience I will say that LL had broken my rights in Second Life constantly, not only this, but the SL TOS itself has been found in a court in 2007 not to be legally binding either as shown in the article below.

I could understand if this was a World Of Warcraft account which I was paying $16 a month to play I would not care, but playing a game filled full of nothing but privacy violaters, and Linden Lab breaking their own TOS, and changing it so that I do not have full rights to my creations, yet my land in Second Life that they claim I owned is something that really distrubs me and drives me insane. (Tos Not Legally Binding) There is Red Zone & CDS that do this, as well as quite a few other systems on the grid.

People will claim this is not spyware, but due to the fact it runs throguh the media, and does connect to a users pc without consent, or without the users knowledge, it does obtain IP address, and disclose information without consent it is in violation of multiple parts of the community standards/TOS itself, but LL does nothing but support this for over a year now.

There are other grids like but their servers are located in germany, and the ping times are at least 213 for U.S Players, which is kind of high, although it is the least buggiest grid I have found not operated by Linden Lab, and they promise the will do everything they can stop content theft compared to Linden Lab, and such it is still nothing like Linden Lab.

Anyone know how I can go about legally reporting this type of spyware/Data Mine that has collected information without my consent, as well as many other residents in SL legally. I have filed the Internet Crime Complaints, and other various things, who should I really contact where I can get something done about this.  Although I do know that depending on LL's response I will possibly have to go through a lawyer to get my information back, and or all the money, and value of all the items I lost in Second Life were, not to mention stuff I have created that was never backed up, and took hours of my time to build some of it days, but besides that is there anything to do about this spyware problem everyone is having?

I know that I have sent a complaint to the persons ISP and told them about the problem I was having with his service that he is hosting from his own ISP, but that was only a day ago.



  • jinxxed0jinxxed0 Posts: 841Member Uncommon

    Are you 100% sure about this? I've been playing SL since janurary 2007 and have never had any spyware problems. And for you to have had the problem 3 times suggests you're getting spyware from somewhere else, like a third party viewer. Or maybe even a really really old and outdated vewer thats no longer secure or something. I'm just guessing. And I'm probably completely wrong because I've seen bugs and errors in SL that no one else seemed to have been suffering even to this day.

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