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"Shame on you" MMO prison RANT

ZigZagsZigZags CaliforniaPosts: 356Member Uncommon

They should have a special prison for development teams that butcher AWESOME IP. Below I rant about what I believe are the top 3 IPs that would ever have a chance at having a long lived MMO player base comparable to the goliath that which is WoW.



Warhammer Online - I would put the original development team on a 10-15 year term in a medium security prison. The 2nd dev team to take on the project I would probably give them 5 years in a honor farm or minimum security fascility because really, the game was already doomed before they took over but they really went backwards with the game by creating more of what people were not asking for.

Star Wars -  (SWG) I would throw the people responsible for this game's demise in the basement of a maximum security prison (life sentences) where the worst of the worst go. (OLD REPUBLIC) I would just issue a warrant for arrests and have a judge hand out cease and desists because really? You think an arcade style flying, linear and que style like WAR will be good for Star Wars franchise? You're out of your freaking mind. Oh and everyone' can play a Jedi? Ya thats terrible.

Lord of the Rings - You people would get a 30 year sentence in medium security prison. Your game is too similar to WoW and your inattentiveness to your player bases' suggestion are negligent. Housing is there but boring, PvP is there (and should be) but boring. Your joke of a f2p system is laughable and ends up making the player pay more than they would have if you just started charging them from the beginning, FRAUD. 


Thank you to the three top IP development teams for ensuring the ongoing success of WoW. Shame on those of you who truly cared about the IPs but did not have the backbone to stand up and speak out against rogue developers responsible for destroying what could have been masterpieces. 


AS AN MMO GAMER I FEEL RAPED/ROBBED/DEFRAUDED there is no epic IP left to look forward to. :(


Oh ya, FFXIV developers...there is no prison for you, you deserve to dig your own graves and stand in front of a firing squad. No prison is shitty enough for you and what you have done to the Final Fantasy Franchise.

Dragnon - Guildmaster - Albion Central Bank in Albion Online


  • LoktofeitLoktofeit Stone Mountain, GAPosts: 14,247Member Rare

    What game is that sig for?

    There isn't a "right" or "wrong" way to play, if you want to use a screwdriver to put nails into wood, have at it, simply don't complain when the guy next to you with the hammer is doing it much better and easier. - Allein
    "Graphics are often supplied by Engines that (some) MMORPG's are built in" - Spuffyre

  • ZigZagsZigZags CaliforniaPosts: 356Member Uncommon

    FFXIV - It's been months since I played extensively. I logged on recently to check out the updates. Why not? It's still free because it would literally be a crime to charge anyone for playing. I should just get rid of the sig already.


    Fixed it, thanks for reminding me.

    Dragnon - Guildmaster - Albion Central Bank in Albion Online

  • WorstluckWorstluck the valley, CAPosts: 1,269Member

    What about Conan?  Funcom getting off the hook for that one? :P  Or Stargate Worlds? 


    I am still pissed about Warhammer Online.  Such a joke of a game they made there.  It's a trainwreck.  There are still some decent IP's out there I guess.  Can't really think of any, but I am not a creative mind.


  • ZigZagsZigZags CaliforniaPosts: 356Member Uncommon

    Those deserve mentioning too, I just picked the top three and then added FFXIV as a special note because I believe FFXIV to be the worth launch of a major IP in the history of history.

    Dragnon - Guildmaster - Albion Central Bank in Albion Online

  • QuizzicalQuizzical Posts: 17,349Member Epic

    It's actually very hard to take a non-gaming IP and make a good game out of it, without mostly ignoring the IP.  That's why games that try usually fail miserably.

  • maplestonemaplestone Ottawa, ONPosts: 3,099Member Uncommon

    You are saying the free market laws of economics cannot effectively market reward/punish projects?

    It seems to me that the solution to your woes is to make sure you buy games on their merit and development strategy, not on their hype/brands.  Ultimately, your wallet is your only vote.

  • ZigZagsZigZags CaliforniaPosts: 356Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by Quizzical

    It's actually very hard to take a non-gaming IP and make a good game out of it, without mostly ignoring the IP.  That's why games that try usually fail miserably.

    Since I hate bitching without offering solutions, here's what ZigZags would have done. You tell me what you think.


    Warhammer - Start with 3 factions like in DAOC. FACTION #1 (Empire/Dwarves) leaving open Bretonnia/Ogres for later additions. FACTION #2 (Orcs & Goblins & Skaven) making Orcs and Goblins separate and not a "Greenskin" race because I could easily have made 4 classes out of each. Faction #3 (Chaos/Undead/Beasts of Chaos). Faction #4 (High Elves/Wood Elves). They could have left Lizardment to their very own Faction, which would have been true to lore and attractive enough classes/powers to bring in enough players to make them viable. Chaos Dwarves could be added later, Tomb Kings as a playable faction etc. Less emphasis on scenarios, more on siege and world RvR but make scenarios necessary to progress but not the only/best way to level up. It takes players out of the world.


    Star Wars - Make limited playable Jedi with strict limitations. You can only be a jedi if you're logged in for x hours/month or x level and have completed x quests or accumulated x amount of reputation. All of which decay over time if not played. You want to QQ about not being casual and being able to play a Jedi, well go cry up shit creek because only the most skilled and dedicated should be able to play just a badass role in the world. Speaking of world, Star wars should combine a sandbox style Space/planet system. Think of EvE meets EQ /UO style maps. When I jump in my spaceship to travel to another planet to meet up with friends, I should be sweating my ass off watching my 6 (rear) so I don't get ganked by the rebels or imperial forces. None of this arcade space shoot'em up bullshit like they're going to do in Old Republic. 


    Lord Of the Rings - Should have let players play the forces of Sauron with classes on a 2 faction system. This game is actually the only game I would have been OK with only 2 factions. Either that or take out Monster Play entirely because honestly, what a joke. Too much instancing. I hate instancing in a game. I'd rather have less players with better computers than more players with tons of instanced zones. 


    Please feel free to criticize, I can take it.

    Dragnon - Guildmaster - Albion Central Bank in Albion Online

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